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Curt 122643 | Curt Rear Mounted Trailer Hitch

Curt Rear Mounted Trailer Hitch 122643
1-1/4 in. Class 2 Rear Mounted Trailer Hitch
SKU: 122643
$329.99 CAD Save: $63.12

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Curt 122643 Part Number Fitment Notes:
  • -> No Drilling Required
  • -> Main Body Concealed
  • -> Standard Ball Mount - Pin & Clip Included. Hitch Ball Sold Separately
  • -> 3500/350 lbs. Weight Carrying Capacity (Gross Trailer Weight/Tongue Weight)
  • -> Hitch is Concealed After Installation
Curt 122643 Product Features:

Curt Rear Mounted Trailer Hitch

At CURT, our motto has always been ‘the only constant is change’, but something we will never change is our commitment to staying ahead. CURT is blazing the trail in the towing industry by constantly developing new products and new ways to improve our products. From the conception of a fresh idea in the minds of our engineers to the first time one of our hitches is set up to tow, CURT goes above and beyond in quality, care and innovation.

If there is one thing we do best here at CURT, it is the rear mount trailer hitch. Our rear mount hitches are the pride of our product line, and we invest greatly to ensure that you are receiving a product you can depend on and be proud to own. The secret behind the strength and finesse of CURT trailer hitches is in our custom-fit approach.

In the automotive industry, you cannot expect one size to fit all. You cannot even expect a handful of different hitches to fit all the different types of vehicles out there today. Every vehicle, from the compact car to the minivan to the full-size pickup truck, has a unique body type and frame design. Furthermore, every vehicle type differs across manufacturers, whether you are driving Chevrolet, Ford, Honda or Toyota. To create an exceptional trailer hitch, the hitch needs to be engineered precisely for the vehicle it is intended to be bolted onto. At CURT, we bring real vehicles into our engineering bays. We use sophisticated design software and hands-on interaction to build trailer hitches that are totally customized for each vehicle. The result is a better product that installs faster, works harder and lasts longer. We do not think of our trailer hitches as mere accessories to be slapped on your vehicle. A CURT hitch is an extension of your vehicle and an integrated part of its frame and design.

No matter what you are towing, we want you to be able to Bring It® for years to come, and that is why CURT trailer hitches are put through rigorous testing before being deemed ready to tow. We ensure that each hitch is able to perform at its listed capacity and that it will offer a safe towing solution for you and your family. We also make sure that our hitches are well protected. All of our trailer hitches are mechanically de-scaled and dipped in a liquid Bonderite® coating, covering the entire hitch, inside and out. This provides long-term prevention of rust and corrosion. Our high-gloss or carbide powder coat is then applied, co-curing with the Bonderite, to offer superior rust, chip and UV protection.

From our class 1 and 2 hitches to our Xtra Duty and Commercial Duty, we are proud to say our custom receiver hitch line is manufactured in the USA. This allows us to have direct control over every step in the creation process, resulting in the utmost quality of our products. With each trailer hitch, we confidently include a one-year finish warranty and a limited lifetime construction warranty.

Class 1 Trailer Hitches

CURT class 1 trailer hitches are the lightest-duty hitches of the rear mount lineup. They are engineered for reliability, welded together with quality American steel and blasted clean for a smooth finish. Tested to meet the strict demands of the industry, CURT class 1 hitches typically have a capacity to tow up to 2,000 lbs. of gross trailer weight and 200 lbs. of tongue weight. This means they can handle a variety of small trailers such as single-axle utility trailers and recreational vehicle trailers that are used to haul dirt bikes, ATVs, canoes, kayaks and more. A class 1 hitch can also accept hitch-mounted cargo carriers and bike racks, making it a very useful addition to cars with limited cargo space (NOTE: Never exceed the lowest weight capacity of any towing component; i.e. the vehicle, hitch, trailer, etc.).

  • Gross Trailer Weight Up to 3,500lbs
  • Tongue Weight Up to 350lbs

Class 2 Trailer Hitches

CURT class 2 trailer hitches are made for lighter-duty towing, having a gross trailer weight capacity of up to 3,500 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs. This makes class 2 hitches an excellent choice for most passenger vehicles, including full-size sedans, minivans and crossover SUVs. They can be used to tow smaller size trailers such as single-axle utility trailers, small boat trailers, pop-up campers and some recreational vehicle trailers. A class 2 hitch features a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" receiver tube opening and comes in square tube or round tube frame option. As with any towing application, be sure to verify the vehicle’s towing capacity and the weight of the trailer before hitching up.

  • Gross Trailer Weight Up to 3,500lbs
  • Tongue Weight Up to 350lbs

Class 3 Trailer Hitches

The CURT class 3 trailer hitch is the most common type of trailer hitch installed on full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. It is also popular on crossovers and mid-size trucks. That is because the class 3 packs the punch of a heavyweight hitch while still staying light on its feet. CURT class 3 hitches range in gross trailer weight capacity from 3,500 lbs. to an impressive 8,000 lbs. and offer a comparable tongue weight capacity ranging from 350 to 800 lbs. These hitches are engineered to be strong and capable, having a quality steel frame in round tube or square tube form. Class 3 trailer hitches are able to tow most standard size trailers, including utility trailer, boat trailers, campers, single-horse livestock trailers and trailers designed to haul ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and other similar recreational vehicles. This type of hitch uses a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening to accept a ball mount or towing accessory with an equivalent shank. One special feature about the class 3 that is not found in classes 1 or 2 is its compatibility with a weight distribution hitch. When used in combination with a WD hitch, the class 3’s weight ratings increase, giving it more towing power. The gross trailer weight capacity increases to 12,000 lbs. and the tongue weight capacity to 1,200 lbs.

  • Gross Trailer Weight 3,500 - 10,000lbs
  • Tongue Weight to 350 - 1,000lbs
  • Weight Distributing Up to 12,000lbs
  • Weight Distribution Tongue Weight Up to 1,200lbs

Class 4 Trailer Hitches

When an especially bulky trailer or heavy load requires more towing power, the class 4 steps in to take the reins. CURT class 4 trailer hitches are made with quality all-American steel and get their strong designs from the ingenuity of our talented engineers. They are precisely planned, carefully welded and scrupulously tested to ensure performance at the utmost level. Class 4 boasts a gross trailer weight capacity of up to 10,000 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity at 1,000 lbs. Also, like class 3 hitches, class 4s can be used in combination with a weight distribution hitch to increase the overall towing capacity. With a weight distribution system attached, the gross trailer weight capacity increases up to 14,000 lbs. and the tongue weight capacity increases to 1,400 lbs. This makes the class 4 hitch a prime candidate for towing large boat trailers, RVs, livestock trailers and other similarly large trailers. The class 4 trailer hitch is commonly found on such vehicles as mid to full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. Class 4 hitches accept ball mounts and other hitch-mounted accessories with a 2" x 2" shank.

  • Gross Trailer Weight 3,500 - 10,000lbs
  • Tongue Weight to 350 - 1,000lbs
  • Weight Distributing Up to 12,000lbs
  • Weight Distribution Tongue Weight Up to 1,200lbs

Class 5 XD Series Trailer Hitches

When we came to the limit of trailer hitch towing capacity, we wanted to know what else was out there. What could we discover off the beaten path? So we kept going. CURT Xtra Duty and Xtra Duty+ hitches begin a class of their own, beyond class 4 and beyond anything the standards dictate. Xtra Duty trailer hitches have a gross trailer weight capacity of 16,000 lbs., and the Xtra Duty+ goes even higher at an unbelievable 17,000 lbs. The tongue weight capacities of both the XD and XD+ are also increased to better accommodate the massive amounts of weight they can tow, rated at 2,400 lbs. and 2,550 lbs. respectively. These hitches are not for the faint of heart. A class 5 trailer hitch is designed for the hard road where only 3/4-ton and 1-ton pickup trucks and SUVs dare to tread. They are capable of pulling almost any heavy-duty trailer, including livestock trailers, RVs, large boat trailers, double-axle utility trailers and toy haulers. The Xtra Duty and Xtra Duty+ feature a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening and can be used with a weight distribution system for more stability, though the GTW capacity remains at 17,000 lbs.

  • Gross Trailer Weight 16,000lbs (XD) - 17,000lbs (XD+)
  • Tongue Weight 2,400lbs (XD) - 2,550lbs (XD+)
  • Weight Distributing Up to 17,000lbs
  • Weight Distribution Tongue Weight 2,400lbs (XD) - 2,550lbs (XD+)
  • Strong, grade 8 hardware
  • Large, powerful main bodies
  • Bug safety chain plates with wide openings for heavy-duty hooks and chains
  • Passes SAE J684 testing standards

Class 5 CD Series Trailer Hitches

In the world of commercial towing, more is expected. A job cannot be completed if the equipment cannot handle the workload. That is why CURT developed the Commercial Duty and Commercial Duty+ class 5 trailer hitches, the ultimate in rear mount hitches. Constructed from steel and engineered for power, these class 5 behemoths come with a gross trailer weight rating that ranges from 18,000 lbs. to an unprecedented 20,000 lbs., and both share a tongue weight capacity to match, rating in at 2,700 lbs. This extra high tongue weight capacity allows these class 5 trailer hitches to be able to bear the added load of heavyweight commercial trailers. Also, class 5 hitches feature a wide 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" receiver tube opening to accept only the largest, most capable ball mounts such as forged and welded designs.

  • Gross Trailer Weight 18,000lbs (CD) - 20,000lbs (CD+)
  • Tongue Weight Up to 2,700lbs
  • Weight Distributing 18,000lbs (CD) - 20,000lbs (CD+)
  • Weight Distribution Tongue Weight Up to 2,700lbs
  • Strong, grade 8 hardware
  • Large, powerful main bodies
  • Bug safety chain plates with wide openings for heavy-duty hooks and chains
  • Passes SAE J684 testing standards

Product Specs for Curt 122643
In order to legally tow your trailer, you will need to have working trailer lights that operate in sync with your vehicle's lights. It is highly recommended to purchase a wiring harness with your trailer hitch.
curt - 122643 Fitment Guide
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