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AEM Induction 24-6033C | AEM Cold Air Intake System

AEM Cold Air Intake System 24-6033C
Dual Chamber Intake System
SKU: 24-6033C
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AEM Induction 24-6033C Part Number Fitment Notes:
  • -> Dual Chamber
  • -> Gunmetal Gray Aluminum Tube
  • -> Gray Dryflow Filter
AEM Induction 24-6033C Product Features:

AEM Cold Air Intake Kits

AEM pioneered the cold air induction system for sport compact cars in 1994. AEM Air Intake Systems include Cold Air Intake, Short Ram Air Intake, and Brute Force Air Intake Systems. All are guaranteed for the life of your car or truck.

Cold Air Intake

AEM pioneered the cold air induction system for sport compact cars. A cold air intake system relocates the filter outside of the engine compartment to deliver cool air inlet temperatures. Cooler air carries more oxygen, which translates into a more intense explosion in the combustion chamber to create more Horsepower and torque. But that's only part of the power equation. Tuning the inlet pipe in length and diameter to match the engine's resonance helps move more air to the cylinders (think of your engine as a big air pump), and this tuning allows us to deliver large power gains. We also monitor fuel trim correction factors and all OBDII sensors during R&D to eliminate leaning the engine out and/or throwing a check engine light. Every AEM cold air induction system features high standards of construction and we are so confident in their fit and performance that we guarantee them for the life of your vehicle. All AEM cold air systems include a limited lifetime Dryflow synthetic air filter and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

  •  A Cold Air Intake System Relocates The Filter Outside Of The Engine Compartment To Deliver Cool Air Inlet Temperatures
  •  Cooler Air Carries More Oxygen, Which Translates Into A More Intense Explosion In The Combustion Chamber To Create More Horsepower And Torque. But That's Only Part Of The Power Equation
  •  Tuning The Inlet Pipe In Length And Diameter To Match The Engine's Resonance Helps Move More Air To The Cylinders And This Tuning Allows Us To Deliver Large Power Gains
  •  Monitor Fuel Trim Correction Factors And All OBDII Sensors During R&D To Eliminate Leaning The Engine Out And/Or Throwing A Check Engine Light
  •  High Standards Of Construction
  •  All AEM Cold Air Systems Include A Limited Lifetime Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Short Ram Intake

AEM short ram intake systems are an economical alternative to our cold air systems and deliver performance, value and ease of installation. Our short ram intakes install easily under the hood and cost less because we use less material to manufacture them. During the development process, we found certain applications respond favorably to shorter inlet lengths over our longer cold air designs. For these applications, we offer a short ram system only. We perform extensive temperature testing to locate the filter in the coolest area of the engine compartment.

  •  AEM Short Ram Intake Systems Are An Economical Alternative To Our Cold Air Systems And Deliver Performance
  •  Performed Extensive Temperature Testing To Locate The Filter In The Coolest Area Of The Engine Compartment To Achieve The Lowest Inlet Temperatures Possible
  •  Short Ram Intakes Install Easily Under The Hood And Cost Less
  •  Easy Install
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dual Chamber Intake

These air intake systems use a patented dual chamber design that maximizes Horsepower and torque typically producing even more power than our own cold air systems. On a dyno graph, the area under the power band (Or Power Curve) represents the amount of effort that an engine is producing. The larger the overall area under the curve, the more power your engine is making. The system utilizes a dual chamber (Using Two Different Diameters And Lengths Of Piping) that creates multiple frequency sound waves to produce a large area under the curve. These sound waves help charge the cylinders with more air and are what enables them to outperform our cold air systems. We have found that inlet length plays a vital role in the power production of Dual Chamber systems and not all Dual Chamber induction systems relocate the filter outside of the engine compartment. In these cases, we performed extensive temperature testing to locate the filter in the coolest area of the engine compartment to achieve the lowest inlet temperatures possible.

  •  Dual Chamber Air Intake Systems Use A Patented Dual Chamber Design That Maximizes Horsepower And Torque Typically Producing Even More Power Than Our Own Cold Air Systems
  •  On A Dyno Graph, The Area Under The Power Band Represents The Amount Of Effort That An Engine Is Producing. The Larger The Overall Area Under The Curve, The More Power Engine Is Making
  •  The System Utilizes A Dual Chamber (Using Two Different Diameters And Lengths Of Piping) That Creates Multiple Frequency Sound Waves To Produce A Large Area Under The Curve
  •  These Sound Waves Help Charge The Cylinders With More Air And Are What Enables Them To Outperform Our Cold Air Systems
  •  We Performed Extensive Temperature Testing To Locate The Filter In The Coolest Area Of The Engine Compartment To Achieve The Lowest Inlet Temperatures Possible
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Brute Force Intake

AEM designs its Brute Force air intakes for popular trucks, SUVs and late model, fuel injected muscle cars, and dyno tunes each system to produce more torque and Horsepower for large displacement engines. Our mechanical engineers emphasize tuning the resonance properties of the inlet pipe to help carry more air to the intake valves. We route our plumbing so that the filter draws air from the safest and coolest location, and provide a steel powder coated heat shield to shroud the filter from engine heat and road dirt. Every Brute Force intake we make is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle. Our R&D testing procedures and quality first manufacturing processes set our intakes apart. But what makes our intakes better is they deliver more torque and Horsepower while providing superior filtration and performance using our Dryflow synthetic air filter. Combine this with a steel heat shield, reinforced brackets, unmatched looks and a lifetime guarantee, and it's easy to see why Brute Force Intakes deliver the most "Air Power".

  •  AEM Designs Its Brute Force Air Intakes For Popular Trucks, SUVs And Late Model, Fuel Injected Muscle Cars And Dyno Tunes Each System To Produce More Torque/Horsepower For Large Displacement Engines
  •  Emphasize Tuning The Resonance Properties Of The Inlet Pipe To Help Carry More Air To The Intake Valves
  •  Route Plumbing So That The Filter Draws Air From The Safest And Coolest Location And Provide A Steel Powder Coated Heat Shield To Shroud The Filter From Engine Heat And Road Dirt
  •  Deliver More Torque And Horsepower While Providing Superior Filtration And Performance Using Our Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter
  •  Steel Heat Shield, Reinforced Brackets, Unmatched Looks
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Brute Force HD Intake

AEM Induction Systems is proud to release its Brute Force HD air intakes for diesel applications with a massive Dryflow air filter element! AEM Brute Force HD intakes are available for popular late model Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke diesel engines. We engineer our Brute Force HD intakes to deliver maximum flow, filtration and durability for heavy duty applications and they even outperform our Brute Force intakes for these vehicles in both dust holding capacity and filter flow. AEM's reusable Dryflow air filter for diesel applications is huge. Compared to the standard 9 Inch Brute Force Dryflow Filter, the Brute Force HD Dryflow filter features over twice the surface area of filter media and utilizes deep, bull nosed pleats to improve dust holding capacity and increase intervals between cleanings. The Dryflow air filter does not use oil to trap dirt so it takes the guesswork out of servicing your filter. AEM manufactures its Brute Force HD intakes from mandrel bent, lightweight aluminum with high strength dogbone brackets and dual rubber soft mounts for maximum durability, and includes a heat shield (When Applicable) with a powder coated black finish, a complete hardware kit and comprehensive photo installation instructions. Brute Force HD intakes are available with a gunmetal powder coat or mirror polished finish.

  •  AEM Reusable Dryflow Air Filter For Diesel Applications Is Huge
  •  Compared To The Standard 9 Inch Brute Force Dryflow Filter, The Brute Force HD Dryflow Filter Features Over Twice The Surface Area Of Filter Media
  •  Brute Force High Density Dryflow Filter Utilizes Deep, Bull Nosed Pleats To Improve Dust Holding Capacity And Increase Intervals Between Cleanings
  •  The Dryflow Air Filter Does Not Use Oil To Trap Dirt So It Takes The Guesswork Out Of Servicing Filter
  •  AEM Manufactures Its Brute Force High Density Intakes From Mandrel Bent, Lightweight Aluminum With High Strength Dogbone Brackets And Dual Rubber Soft Mounts For Maximum Durability
  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specs for AEM Induction 24-6033C
  • Recommended Use: Street
  • Tube Finish: Powder Coated
  • Tube Color: Blue / Red
  • Tube Material: Aluminum
  • Filter Color: Gray/ Red
  • Filter Material: Non-Woven Synthetic
aem-induction - 24-6033C Fitment Guide
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