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Aries 3147-01 | Aries Seat Defender Seat Cover

Aries Seat Defender Seat Cover 3147-01
Seat Defender Seat Cover
SKU: 3147-01
$139.99 CAD Save: $19.41

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Aries 3147-01 Part Number Fitment Notes:
  • Seat Defender Seat Cover
  • Grey
  • 66 in. Wide x 55.5 in. High
  • Color: Grey
  • Fabric: Terelene
  • Seat Type: Bench
Aries 3147-01 Product Features:

The Seat Defender is a universal, use-as-needed seat protection system that readily installs whenever you need it. It provides an instant defense against dirt, spills, pet dander and any other threats to your vehicles interior. What makes it unique is its use-as-needed design. Rather than being a permanent cover-up for unsightly interior that has already been damaged, the Seat Defender acts as a barrier to prevent the damage before it happens. Unlike seat covers that require tedious installation, the Seat Defender is designed to be easy to put on and take off, whenever needed. It attaches securely to the headrest and conforms to the shape of the seat, giving the seat a tough, waterproof outer layer. The Seat Defender is also easy to store and keep clean. Because it is not a permanent seat cover, it is designed for fast cleanup, fast foldup and fast installation the next time you need it. It easily protects against wet clothes, dirty tools, muddy sports equipment, shedding pets, sandy swimsuits, messy fast food and more. It is also 100 Percent machine washable and can be stored in any small compartment in your vehicle. The Seat Defender is made out of a two-sided material to provide a sophisticated barrier against potential threats. The underside is a layer of water-resistant thermoplastic rubber (TPR). TPR is durable and wear-resistant and provides added comfort and safety by gripping the surface of the seat. The top side is a woven 600-denier terylene fabric that k

Product Specs for Aries 3147-01
aries - 3147-01 Fitment Guide
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