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Shop K&N Air Intake Systems In Canada

Aftermarket air intake systems have simplified engine performance augmentation without any significant engine modification. No need to get into its ECU. By replacing your stock air filter with performance air filter, you can significantly boost engine performance. It all comes down to optimal air-fuel ratio which is achieved by performance air intake filters. Performance air intake assemblies come in cold air, short ram, or ram air styles, with cold air intake systems being the most popular.

Benefits of cold air intake systems

Cold air intake systems are installed at the front end of the car, featuring a long tube positioned at the engine end. It can be positioned behind a bumper or a grill. Because of its position and structure, it offers the following advantages:

  • As cold air filter is installed away from the engine, it draws in comparatively colder air, hence the name.
  • Cold air is dense which makes its compression easier, reducing the load on engine.
  • Cold air is oxygen packed which helps in complete burning of fuel, leaving behind lesser residues.
  • It helps achieve optimal air to fuel ratio that improves fuel efficiency and engine performance.
  • Aftermarket air filters enhance intake sound which is silenced out by stock air filters.

Why K&N?

K&N is the global market leader when it comes to manufacturing high performance cold air filters. They're the first to replace paper filters with reusable high flow cotton air filters that ensure better performance. Built with precision, K&N products have consistently improved engine efficiency over the years. When it comes to authorized K&N dealers, very few match the experience and reputation of Parts Engine. Best for purchasing high end K&N Cold Air Intake Systems such as:

K&N Universal Cold Air Intake System: It’s designed to increase volume of air intake thereby increasing engine horsepower and fuel efficiency.

K&N Universal Off-Road Air Intake System: Just as extreme situations call for extreme measures, off-road calls for an efficient and tough intake system like this one

K&N 57i Series induction Kit: Replace the stock air filter of your Ford 150 with this beauty and get ready to witness a jump in engine performance.

K&N Apolla Cold Air Intake System: Its protective shell acts as a heat shield while retaining a closed environment for better volumetric efficiency.

K&N Typhoon Cold Air Induction Kit: Built especially for high speed compact sports cars, it ensures increased horse power and torque owing to reduced intake restrictions.

K&N Blackhawk Air Induction Kit: Built for specific models of Toyota Tacoma, proven to enhance engine power and acceleration through increased volumetric efficiency.

K&N Apollo Universal Cold Air Intake System: As a universal fitment product, it’s ideal for a normal aspired engine up to 250 Boiler Horsepower and for turbo engines up to 350 Boiler Horsepower. All K&N cold air intake systems are fitted with high quality cotton gauze filters that can be removed for periodic cleaning. The lightweight and thoughtfully designed body balances the overall aerodynamics of your car. Apart from this, every K&N air intake system comes with a ‘Million Mile Warranty’ and we extend the same to you. Are you still stuck with your old stock air filter? Maybe it’s about time for an upgrade.