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Air Intake Systems Canada

Since the first automobile rolled off the assembly line, car and truck enthusiasts have been developing ways to extract more power and performance out of their vehicles. While a stock air intake system will technically do the job for which it was designed, you’re not going to get the same performance out of your vehicle than you would if you invested in a performance air intake kit like an aftermarket cold air intake. This under the hood performance won’t break the bank and will result in a significant boost to your vehicle’s output in terms of horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. Keep the cool air flowing with a performance cold air intake system from where we guarantee the lowest Canadian price, offer free shipping and never charge custom or duty fees!


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In many respects, replacing your stock air intake system and air intake filters with performance parts is one of the simplest ways for you to optimize the performance of your car, truck, SUV, or Jeep. Want to get more power out of your truck? Swap out your Ford F-150 air intake with any one of the high-end air intake systems for trucks; from AEM, aFe Power, AirAid, Bully Dog, K&N, Superchips, and Volant; all available at
Give your engine what it has been longing for; cool air! A higher, cooler, and more efficient airflow is just what your rig has been clamoring for to unleash the beast. You’ll never need to justify the upgrade from a stock intake to a performance intake because each and every time you hit the gas you’ll be able to feel the difference.

Air Intake Systems: Cold Air vs. Short Ram

Cold Air Intake: This type of air intake system is generally positioned so that the filter is set as far away from engine heat as possible; in many cases it is located in the fender or in an area of the engine that has minimal heat exposure (the positioning varies depending on the design of the engine).

This type of intake system is used to increase the vehicle’s combustion. Cold air is denser than warm air, and therefore contains more oxygen. Oxygen as we know, when mixed with fuel and ignited, creates a small explosion or “combustion” which drives the pistons and propels the vehicle forward.

When we talk about “cold air” we’re not talking arctic temperatures. Cold air refers to air that is colder than the air immediately surrounding the engine. By positioning the system away from the center of the engine, it allows the intake system to draw in denser, more oxygen-rich air, improving combustion.

Cold air intakes are generally more costly than short ram intakes. This is due to the length and curvature of the piping required to draw in cooler air. Because of its complexity, manufacturers spend a lot of money engineering systems that maintain a high level of efficiency.

Special care must be taken if positioning the air filter behind the bumper, as it can be vulnerable to moisture in extremely wet weather. To counteract this, cold air systems are generally made with a two-piece intake tube allowing you to convert the cold air system to a short ram system.

Short Ram Intakes: Designed to fit into the existing intake compartment, this type of system is the most widely used, due to its lower cost and ease of installation. Some manufacturers like aFe, AIRAID, and K&N design their short ram systems with heat shields to help deal with engine heat.

When the hood of the engine is closed, a seal is made between the heat shield and the hood, sectioning off the filter from the heat of the engine. If a heat shield is not used, hot air is drawn into the intake system, resulting in less horsepower than if a cold air system is used.

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