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ARB Bull Bar Kit - PartsEngine Canada

ARB Bull Bar Kit

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Very modern in styling yet distinctively ARB in heritage, this new ARB Modular Winch Bar is truly innovative and utilizes a new modular design. Three distinct configurations are available, allowing for customization to meet individual needs or preferences. Many consideration were included in the research and development process, but first and foremost the bar needed to retain the ARB core principles of quality, reliability and practicality. This new style of Modular Winch Bar is a direct response to the research and collaboration performed by ARB's expert engineers. The result is a Modular Winch Bar that provides features for any Super Duty, no matter if it is a dedicated hunting rig that takes off for the back country, a fleet truck, or a daily driver that must be ready for any adventure.

Shop ARB 4x4 Accessories In Canada

Off-roaders certainly know the unpredictability of taking the less traveled path. Dusty roads, snow-laden ground, torrential rains, water crossings, and many such challenges await on the way. While all this makes it tough for the driver to maneuver, it can cause a greater damage to the engine. If you think that your 4 wheel drive can handle anything that comes its way, think again. Some obstacles are beyond the capacity of the toughest 4X4 ride.

The first thing that’s hampered in such conditions is your engine’s air supply. If your engine ain’t breathing, it’ll choke sooner or later. The best way out is Safari Snorkel by ARB. It’s like the ones worn by scuba divers. In this case, it’s your 4X4 that’s diving deep in dust, snow, water, etc.

How ARB Safari Snorkel works?

Safari Snorkel relocates the air intake point from behind the grill to a higher location which ensures uninterrupted supply of cool and dry air to the engine. This enables the engine to run at its full capacity even when the lower air intake point is submerged in water or surrounded by dust.

Safari Snorkel by ARB is a must have for off-road journeys that expose your car to unknown threats on the way. It’s specifically designed and tested to beat the harshest off-road conditions and to withstand the extreme North American environment. It is UV stable and custom designed according to the make and model of your 4 wheel drive.

ARB is the brand most trusted by 4 wheel drivers not just in North America but all over the world. There’s an in-built water separator for separation of rainwater and moisture from the air before it reaches the engine. It ensures that even in heavy rainfall or snowfall, only dry and cool air stream reaches the engine. Therefore, even under adverse weather conditions, engine works smoothly and efficiently.

Features of ARB Safari Snorkel:

  1. All ARB products are manufactured in USA to ensure unmatched quality.
  2. ARB Safari Snorkel is manufactured using UV stable cross-linked polyethylene. It’s 100% UV protected for a long shelf life and durability.
  3. Designed to allow maximum air flow to engine through high flow air ducting.
  4. Completely sealed to prevent water and dust from entering.
  5. Corrosion resistance stainless steel hardware for superior appearance and durability.
  6. Custom designed to fit SUVs of specific make and model.
  7. Limited two year warranty.

Installing an ARB Safari Snorkel on your 4X4 gives you the peace of mind that come what may, your engine performance with not dwindle. Buy genuine ARB Safari Snorkels from Parts Engine at lowest prices and avail free shipping anywhere in Canada.


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