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Whether you’re looking to capture your commute on film or looking to prevent a dented bumper through the use of a rear license plate camera or rear-view mirror camera, backup cameras and dashboard mounted cameras not only increase your daily driver’s inherent safety, they also do wonders for your peace of mind knowing that accidents and blind spot snafus are a lot less likely to occur.

Rear view cameras also makes backing up, parking, and hitching a trailer a lot safer by streaming real-time video a mounted or mirror based monitor. Choose from a selection of some of the most uncompromising back up cameras and dashboard mounted cameras available today from manufacturers like Boss AudioSystems, Dash Cam, and Rampage.

Shop with confidence knowing that at, you’ll always be able to find the truck accessories you need at the lowest prices anywhere in Canada! Additionally, you’ll never pay custom or duty fees on your orders and shipping is always free.

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Until the time comes where 3-D HUDS and vehicle sensors monitor the world around you – there’s only so much you can do when it comes to increasing the safety of your passengers and of those around you. And while installing back up camera will do very little to turn heads, it will perform when it counts.

Reverse cameras do more than prevent the occasional ding from parking in an unkempt garage; they help ensure that pedestrians safely make it across your driveway. Available in both wired and wireless back up camera applications, this is one aftermarket car accessory and truck accessory that should definitely be considered a must have. Rear parking cameras for cars and rear parking cameras for trucks offer the peace of mind you deserve each and every time you get behind the wheel.

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As an authorized retailer, we’re proud to offer full manufacturer’s warranties on all the truck accessories and car accessories we sell. always has the automotive accessories you need to help your truck perform and look its best.

Remember Canada, not all truck accessories are created equal. Don’t be fooled by imposters; everything we stock, including our line of back up cameras and wireless backup cameras have been designed, tested, and manufactured with Canadian weather conditions in mind; and if they can hold their own against a Canadian winter, they can hold their own anywhere.

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