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Borla ATAK Exhaust System - PartsEngine Canada

Borla ATAK Exhaust System

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BORLA ATAK Exhaust System features patented straight-through and multi-core technology designed to unleash hidden horsepower. Increased exhaust velocity adds power, driving excitement, fuel economy, and the distinctive BORLA Sound of Power respected by motoring enthusiasts everywhere. Each system is built from premium T-304 stainless steel, superior to T-400 series knockoffs (such as 409), to give you the absolute best in performance and durability. Ultra-smooth mandrel bends ensure maximum flow & power, and precision computer-controlled CNC manufacturing ensures an accurate fit. Best of all, BORLA stands behind every system with a 1.6 Million-Kilometers Limited Warranty. Just what you'd expect from the world's most experienced (and most winning) exhaust brand.

  • Pipe Diameter: 3.5", 2.75"
  • Tip Size: 3.5"
  • Exit Type: Truck Dual Split Rear Exit

Shop Borla Exhaust In Canada

Standard exhaust systems hamper engine performance because of a restrictive and less efficient design. For significant improvement in turbo performance, replacing the existing stock exhaust system is a great option.

Most aftermarket exhaust systems are engine specific, designed particularly for a certain year/make/model of vehicle. That gets you an exhaust system that understands your engine like no stock system does.

Benefits of a custom exhaust system can be summed up as:

  1. Stainless steel body adds to the strength, aesthetic appeal, and durability of aftermarket exhaust systems.
  2. Turbo is kicked into action sooner and with more power than stock systems.
  3. You get a truck that looks and sounds powerful.
  4. Less resistive design leads to more exhaust speed. That spins the turbo compressor with a greater speed in the counter direction. It means more air back to engine resulting in better fuel efficiency as optimum air-fuel ratio is achieved.
  5. It looks good installed on your ride and you can customize it the way you want.

Borla is one of the most trusted manufacturers of aftermarket exhaust systems in North America. Their selected and most popular systems are distributed across Canada by Parts Engine. Borla exhaust systems that you'll find at Parts Engine include:

  1. Borla Exhaust System-Header: The low resistance, high flow, stainless steel headers are specifically designed for Porsche 911 series. Just bolt these directly onto factory cats and experience upgraded engine performance.
  2. Borla Exhaust System-Crossover Pipe: Made of aircraft grade lightweight stainless steel, it's a performance enhancing product that's a perfect addition for high speed cars. It perfectly complements Borla’s Cat-Back exhaust system.
  3. Borla Exhaust System-Down Pipe: Can be directly bolted to flanges ahead of second set of catalytic converters. For a top notch performance, use with Borla X Pipe and Borla Cat-Back System.
  4. Borla Adaptor for Exhaust Systems: Select as per your vehicle’s can length and bed length.
  5. Borla Exhaust System-Rear Section: It features Borla's patented straight through and multi core technology to take engine performance and fuel efficiency to a new height.
  6. Borla Cat-Back exhaust system: The ultimate Borla exhaust system that unleashes maximum engine performance, fuel efficiency, and sound that screams power.

All Borla components are manufactured using CNC technology for a precise and consistent fit. Each product is made of lightweight stainless steel and comes with a million miles warranty. All these amazing Borla products are brought to you at lowest prices with free shipping by Parts Engine.


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