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Shop Access For Complete Truck Bed Accessories

It's fairly difficult to find the right truck accessories that last longer and are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. The sole aim of truck bed accessories is to safeguard cargo while protecting truck from wear and tear and maintaining its resale value. Access manufactures excellent truck bed accessories, available at competitive prices. All Access products are thoughtfully created to provide a feasible solution for all your needs. It's a trusted name, backed by many years of manufacturing experience.
Parts Engine is proud to be associated with Access as an authorized dealer. The top notch Access products available with Parts Engine include:


Access is well known for its high quality tonneau covers. It manufactures mainly roll-up and folding type of tonneau covers.

Folding Tonneau Ccovers

Folding tonneau covers boast of strength and versatility of use. Access uses durable and sturdy materials to manufacture its folding truck bed covers. Cover panels are made from hard aluminum alloy, with watertight reinforced vinyl hinges. Textured matte finish gives it a stylish appeal. Folding tonneau cover by Access available with Parts Engine includes: Access LOMAX Hard Aluminum Tonneau Cover.

Roll-up Tonneau Covers

Roll up tonneau covers have many advantages like low cost and full access to truck bed. Access manufactures roll up tonneau covers using high grade vinyl material, combining security with style. These high quality and durable tonneau covers are equipped with Auto Latch latching system that ensures complete security of bed contents. Parts Engine deals in the following roll up tonneau covers by Access:

  1. Access Limited Edition Roll-up Tonneau Cover
  2. Access LiteRider Roll-up Tonneau Cover
  3. Access Lorado Roll-up Tonneau Cover
  4. Access Original Roll-up Tonneau Cover
  5. Access Tool Box Edition Roll-up Tonneau Cover
  6. Access Tool Box Edition Roll-up Tonneau Cover


Truck bed floor protection is also important. Everyday a lot of things are loaded in the back of truck and that can lead to catches, dents, and nicks on the bed floor. By placing Access Truck Bed Mats, you not only protect your truck bed floor but also contribute to saving environment. These marine grade floor liners are made from 100% recycled soda and water bottles.


Truck rack system increases the usability of truck bed. It provides solid fastening points for difficult cargo and does not obstruct cabin window as well. Truck racks by access have a high grade aluminum alloy body for improved strength. Chrome finish makes it a stylish addition to your truck. Two noteworthy Access truck racks include Access Adarac Aluminum Series Truck Rack System & Access Adarac Aluminum Pro Series Truck Rack System.

Parts Engine houses an amazing range of premium Access products, with lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada.