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In what ways AirAid Cold Air Intake System is superior to stock filters?

AirAid introduced its line of air intake systems in 1997, designed specifically for SUVs and light trucks. Through innovative designing and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, AirAid has become the leading choice of performance enthusiasts, custom car builders, and off-roaders.

Cold air intake system is the most popular performance upgrade for an increase in engine horsepower and torque. Stock filters are restrictive and therefore, obstruct the flow of air to engine bay. The average amount of air that reaches engine is low-performance warm air. It hampers engine performance over time.

Cold air intake offers the following benefits over stock filters

All the shortcomings of stock filter are removed by cold air intake filters in the following ways:

  1. •It transmits cold air to engine bay which being denser is rich in oxygen. Such an oxygen laden air improves combustion efficiency of engine and complete burning of fuel takes place, leaving minimum residues behind.
  2. •Being less restrictive, it allows for more air to enter engine bay, improving fuel to air mix. It means the same amount of fuel generates more power as compared to stock filters.
  3. Fuel efficiency is significantly improved with cold air intake filter. It lets you save on fuel costs while reducing air pollution by releasing less pollutants in exhaust.
  4. •High flow cotton gauze air filter lets only clean air to reach engine bay. It blocks even the minutest particles improve engine performance and reduce its wear and tear over time.
  5. •More oxygen means more horsepower and torque.
  6. •Warm air alters the viscosity of engine oil, making it less viscous. With regular stock filters, it’s no surprise that you need frequent oil change. Air intake tube in cold air intakes is designed and positioned as to only allow cool air to enter engine bay, which retains the original viscosity of engine oil. It ensures smooth engine functioning and less wear and tear over time.

Features of AirAid Cold Air Intake System

  1. •Engineered using latest 3-D CAD modeling equipment to produce designs aimed at superior engine performance.
  2. •Prototype designs are tested on AirAid’s Superflow flow bench using a portable 3-D scanner and rapid prototyping machine.
  3. •All products are tested on a 4X4 Mustang chassis dynamometer to evaluate their real world performance.
  4. •Easy to install on factory mounting points. You can install one yourself by following AirAid’s step-by-step installation guide.
  5. •AirAid offers “no-hassle” lifetime warranty on all its air intake systems.

Parts Engine is the authorized dealer of AirAid cold air intake systems, offering lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada. Notch up your engine performance with AirAid’s state-of-the-art air filters.

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