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Airbedz (Pittman Products International) was conceptualized by James Pittman, an avid camper, who often found himself sleeping uncomfortable in the back of his truck. Airbedz, the original truck bed air mattress, conceptualized, designed and patented truck mattresses. It comes up with different size mattresses for mid and full-sized trucks in long and short bed layout.

Airbedz airmattress is made up of high grade PVC material that’s engineered for heavy duty usage. It is tough, durable, and endures extreme temperature ranges with ease. It’s great for outdoor usage irrespective of nature of terrain and weather. As opposed to memory foam mattresses, it doesn’t become stone hard in cold temperatures. Some models have built-in rechargeable pump. You can recharge the pump at home with the help of an A/C home charger before you hit the road. The main advantage of in-built pump is that you can inflate and deflate your mattress at the flip of a switch.

The ones without an in-built rechargeable pump come with a portable D/C pump with 16’ power cord for easy inflation. Just unroll, inflate, and relax.

  1. They’re designed so that they fit around and over wheel wells of pickup bed. The entire truck bed area is utilized in this way.
  2. While camping, you can use specially designed wheel well inserts on both sides to convert it into a regular air mattress, fit for camping. You can even use truck bed air mattress inside your home for kids’ sleepover.
  3. AirBedz mattresses come with a storage bag. It occupies very less space when packed and is easy to store in any corner of your home. .
  4. It has an integrated air coil system that evenly distributes weight over the entire surface of mattress. What you get is a mattress that’s firm and doesn’t budge under heavy loads. Because of this quality, it’s capable of supporting more than two persons at once.
  5. It’s ergonomically designed and provides support to back and neck for peaceful relaxation.
  6. All AirBedz truck bed mattresses come with one-year warranty.

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