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Ensure a smoother drive with AirLift Air Suspension system

Stock metal suspension systems are designed for moderate on-road challenges. But when faced by extreme on road and off road challenges, stock suspensions need an upgrade. Air suspensions are considered to be the best aftermarket suspension systems at present. Air spring suspensions are capable of handling a wide range of on road/off road challenges as compared to stock coil or leaf spring suspensions.

Various advantages of air suspension system can be summed up as:

  1. Comfortable Drive:Air Suspension reduces vibration, harshness, and cabin noise. It significantly reduces the jump you feel when tires hit a deep pit or come to halt at once. Given the medium of transmission is air instead of metal coils, jerks and vibrations are reduced significantly. All this leads to a comfortable and smooth drive.
  2. Reduced Wear and Tear:When vibration through car components is reduced, there is less wear and tear, thereby increasing the life of your car or truck. Smooth suspension also prolongs life of tires, saving you from unnecessary tire changes.
  3. Reduced Travel Time:A good suspension gives you a better cornering speed. That means you're able to maintain a consistent speed throughout the duration of journey. This, in turn, reduces travel time.
  4. Better Fuel Efficiency:A smooth ride and consistent speed results in better fuel efficiency. Although some consider air suspensions to be more bulky and therefore reduces fuel economy. But we look at the overall effect, fuel efficiency definitely increases.
  5. Better Load RangeAir Suspension allows for a versatile load range. It automatically levels suspension in case of uneven weight distribution.
  6. Less Damage to CargoBad or inadequate suspension can potentially damage cargo as the truck jumps on every obstacle. With air suspension, you can carry even the most fragile cargo without worry. This saves you from business loss and damage to personal belongings.
  7. Better Resale Value:Cars equipped with air suspension fetch a better resale value. It can also be attributed to the fact that trucks with air springs suffer less wear and tear.

Why AirLift is the most preferred air suspension brand?

AirLift air suspension systems are built for high performance and a smooth ride. Air suspension kits by AirLift can be used solely or in conjunction with coil or leaf spring suspensions. Parts Engine, the authorized dealer of high-quality automotive products, offers the following AirLift air suspension systems:

  • AirLift 1000 Air Bag Helper Spring Kits: This kit contains AirLift adjustable air springs that can fit inside coil springs of small as well as large vehicles to provide suspension support. It can provide upto 1000 pounds of leveling capacity.
  • AirLift RideControl Air Bag Helper Spring Kits: This kit provides suspension support to leaf spring suspensions, providing upto 2000 pounds of leveling capacity.
  • AirLift LoadLifter 5000 Air Bag Helper Spring Kits: They're for trucks carrying heavy load and fits ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton pickups. It provides full time load support and being adjustable, allows for a leveled and comfortable ride.
  • AirLift LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Bag Helper Spring Kits: They're designed for ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks and offer up to 7500 lbs. of leveling capacity. Massive 7 inch double bellows air springs allow for great leveling strength even at low pressures.
  • AirLift LoadController Air Control Systems- Gauge: These AirLift compressor systems control inflation of air springs.
  • AirLift LoadController Air Control Systems- Panel: This compressor system allows for faster inflation of air springs.
  • AirLift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Bag Helper Spring Kits: These work with the existing leaf springs and provide 5000 lbs. of load leveling capacity, along with better shock absorption.
  • AirLift WirelessOne Air Control Systems-Single Path: Allow for a more dynamic control of air springs on the go. It's an on-board computer compressor system that inflates and deflates air springs with the touch of a button.
  • AirLift WirelessAir Air Control Systems-Dual Path: Dual path on board air compressor allows for independent inflation/deflation of left and right air springs.
  • AirLift SmartAir II Automatic Self-Leveling Systems: Available in single path or dual path variations. It automatically levels leaf-sprung vehicles through a no-contact magnetic height sensor, thereby automatically inflating or deflating air springs as per requirement.
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