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Magnesium wheels are catching buyer’s attention owing to their lustrous signature gold finish. However, when it comes to automotive parts, substance matters more than looks. Two metals are crucial for alloy wheel manufacturing, aluminum and magnesium, used separately or together. Both have their pros and cons. Even though wheels by American Racing Wheels are considered as the gold standard for aluminum alloy wheels, magnesium alloy wheels too are intriguing buyers all over the world.

So which one is better- aluminum or magnesium alloy wheels? While we’re at it, let’s test this question on different parameters.


It’s an important factor to consider. Given that aluminum is the most abundant metal in earth’s crust, aluminum alloy wheels are cost effective and easy to procure. On the other hand, magnesium alloy wheels are expensive, maybe too expensive for some. If you’re looking for a decent cost-effective option, go for aluminum alloys.


Both aluminum and magnesium alloys are comparable in strength. However, magnesium alloy is considered fragile and less forgiving as compared to aluminum alloy. Unforgiving because if you bend it, it can’t be put back in the same shape again as opposed to aluminum alloys. If you own magnesium alloys, you’ve got to be careful with your driving. Certainly not the best bet for off-road usage.


Aluminum alloy wheels are readily available. Many international brands and a wide range of retailers sell aluminum alloys. Therefore, they’re easy to procure. On the other hand, you won’t find magnesium alloys that easily. You’ll have to do a lot of field work before you can get your hands on them.


Aluminum alloys are more durable than magnesium alloys. With cast aluminum alloy wheels, you get a better return on your investment as they last for many years. Magnesium alloys being fragile don’t last as long as aluminum alloys. After spending huge amounts on magnesium alloys, those being less durable is definitely not a good news.


Magnesium alloys are lightweight as compared to aluminum alloys. Lighter weight gives the advantage as far as speed is concerned. That’s the top reason why magnesium alloy wheels are used in race cars, where a difference of a few pounds can decide the winner. It gives you a better fuel mileage as compared to aluminum alloys on the road but the difference is not that significant. Taking a look at the arguments, it’s fair to say that aluminum alloy wheels are best for regular on-road as well as off-road usage. When it comes to buying the best cast aluminum alloys, buy American Racing Wheels from Parts Engine who offer lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada.