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AMP Research Products

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AMP Research Power Steps, Bed Steps and BedXtenders

Sometimes boarding a lifted truck or SUV may prove to be quite a task. AMP Research has two product lines, AMP PowerStep and AMP Bedstep designed to tackle the same. These are retractable and does not impact the stock appearance of the vehicle.


The AMP PowerStep is very crucial for AMP Research product line. This meticulously crafted, electrically powered running board is manufactured to unfold whenever you open vehicle door and then retract to present the original appearance as you close the door. Even though it is electrically powered, the PowerStep is completely weatherproof. The PowerStep eliminates the problem of boarding or loading your lifted truck or SUV while still allowing you to keep your vehicle's original appearance, ground clearance, and other aspects.


Unlike AMP PowerStep, which are electrically powered, BedSteps are small manually retractable steps for getting onto or loading a truck bed. It can be opened or folded with a tap of the foot and utmost ease. Just like AMP PowerStep these too are retractable and do not hamper the physical appearance of vehicle.


Every now and then a truck owner hauls a cargo that sticks out from the truck bed area. Opening tailgate to accommodate extra cargo is a risky option which may cause damage to both cargo and tailgate. The best way out is AMP BedXtender, the third product line from AMP Research. They’re a cost-effective and secure way to increase cargo area.

Key benefits of truck bed extenders are as follows:

  1. Extra Bed Space
  2. Increased weight capacity
  3. Cargo safety

AMP Research’s BedXtenders are made of heavy-duty aluminum with powder coated for a matte finish. They’re available in three basket designs- U-shaped (Max), classic V-shaped (Sports), and slant back (Moto). All AMP products are manufactured in USA and come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. All these products are easy to install and equally easy to work with. Buy authentic AMP Research bed extenders from Parts Engine at lowest price, with free shipping anywhere in Canada.