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ANZO USA Products

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ANZO USA Presents Complete Lighting Solutions For Your Car.

Innovative lights increase the style quotient of your ride. So when we say that automotive lights by Anzo USA are high on style as well as functionality, it's a win-win situation. Light system of your car contributes greatly to on-road safety and the ease of driving. The best thing about automotive lighting is its replaceability. You can always replace stock lights with aftermarket ones for an improved visibility and long range vision.

Parts Engine houses selected products by Anzo USA, including:

  1. Projector Headlights: Anzo Headlight Assembly is one of the best projection headlights available in the market. There's a wide range of housing color to choose from. It features the latest Halo design, using CCFL technology for increased brightness and more focused light beam. It's very easy to install, just plug and play.
  2. Anzo Tail Light Bezel: It's a 4 piece set designed specifically for Chevy Camaros 10-13. No drill installation and tough ABS plastic body makes it a favorite among Chevy owners.

  3. Anzo Tail Light Assembly: With clear and red colored lens, Anzo Tail Light Assembly is vehicle specific. It's easy to install and lasts longer than its industry counterparts.

  4. Anzo Headlight Replacement Bulbs: The perfect replacement bulbs for your Anzo Headlight Assembly. They're high quality bulbs that come with a one year warranty. These are very effective in improving on road visibility.

  5. Anzo Fog Light Assembly: A foggy weather may further complicate on road driving conditions. Anzo Fog Light Assembly is specifically designed to provide optimum visibility in the thickest of fogs.

  6. Anzo LED Tailgate Light Bar: It's an extremely stylish set of tailgate lights. It functions as red running, red brake, red turn signals and white reverse light.

  7. Anzo LED Third Brake Lights: These plug and play brake lights provide the added safety in case of sudden braking. Statistics point out rear end collision as the main reason for a majority of road accidents. You can prevent rear end collision by installing this robust set of lights.

  8. Anzo LED Truck Bed Light Bar with Rechargeable Flash Lights: It's a versatile set of lights that serves many functions. It improves truck visibility for approaching vehicles and makes it easy to locate stuff in truck bed during night.

  9. Anzo Door Mirror Turn Signal Indicator: It's a stylish set of turn indicators installed on side door mirrors for better turn indication.

  10. Anzo LED Rear Bumper Step Lights: It's easy to trip over bumper steps in dark. Rear bumper step lights make it easier to locate them while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your truck.

  11. Anzo LED Tailgate Spoilers: This 5 function tailgate light set acts as red running, red brake light, red turn signals, and white reverse light. It's a great way to improve the aesthetics of your truck while making it more visible to approaching vehicles.

  12. Anzo LED Cargo Area Lights: These are hard wired lights that increase the cargo approximation in the trunk or cargo area. No need to keep the cockpit light on to see what lies in the back with these lights.
  13. Anzo LED Parking/Turn Signal Light Assembly: These bolt on lights double up as parking and turn indicators. They're stylish and make your ride look more sophisticated.

  14. Anzo LED Roof Marker Lights: They're available in 5 smoke or clear lens colors. Their main function is aesthetic. Installation is with or without wiring harness.

  15. Anzo LED Side Marker Lights: They're mounted on fenders and add to the stylish look of your ride. There are two lens options- clear and smoke.

  16. Anzo Off-road Auxiliary Driving/ Fog Lights: Great for off-road use, they utilize the universal studios mount for installation, offering great visibility in extremely foggy conditions. Various styles are available in these lights.
  17. Anzo LED Rock Crawling Lights: It's a versatile set of lights that can be used as bed rail lights, tailgate lights, etc and is great for off-road driving at night.

All Anzo products are SAE and D.O.T compliant. For high quality Anzo products at lowest prices and free shipping across Canada, visit Parts Engine.