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Types of finishes of ATX Series Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels make any regular car look aggressive and stylish, given that the wheels are of right size and finish. Finish of alloy wheels is not a randomly selected attribute. They should go with the style of your car and its color scheme. If they don’t, they’ll look out of place. ATX Series Wheels, a division of American Racing Wheels, come in a wide range of finishes. It’s not just a matter of different color. Every finish is unique in its own way and complements a different type of vehicle. Let’s go through the finishes of ATX Series Wheels and what makes them special.

Chrome Finish

It shines brighter and sells faster. Chrome finish is undoubtedly the most popular finish. ATX Series Wheels come in chrome plated aluminum and chrome plated steel variants. It’s also a relatively costlier finish. Especially large chrome plated wheels are extra pricey.

There are many pros and cons to this finish. Wheels shine like mirror but get stained easily. Therefore, chrome finish demands a lot of care and cleaning. You might want to avoid dirty roads. Not a good option for off-roaders. Harsh road conditions can cause peeling of and pitting in the chrome layer. In addition to all this, chrome finish is worst affected by brake dust. However, regular cleaning and a good wax coating helps to keep chrome finish looking good as new.


It’s dubbed as the best alternative to chrome finish. If you live in areas that receive harsh winters, you can go for PVC. PVD stands for Powder Vapor Deposition. It’s like a chrome colored powder coating on wheels. It’s tougher than chrome and is not affected by road chemicals and brake dust. It does not corrode, pit, or peel off like chrome layer.

Machined Black

This finish has a machined, shiny lip with center of a different color. Center could be black, gun metal, argent, etc. Another possible combination could be black rim with machined accents. On a broader level, this type of finish lets you have best of both worlds, of machined as well as black coated look. You can choose the style combinations as you like. It gives a break from solid colors and ventures into a fusion style which is great for cars exhibiting differently colored accessories.


Polished finish resembles machined finish that has been continuously sanded with a finer grit sanding paper. It looks and shines like chrome but with usage, it becomes less lustrous. Therefore, apart from regular cleaning, it also requires regular polishing to maintain its brand new shine. These are the most popular ATX Series Wheel finishes. Buy genuine ATX Series Wheels at Parts Engine and avail lowest prices along with free shipping anywhere in Canada.

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