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Backrack Products

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Shop Backrack Racks & Accessories In Canada

Backrack has been manufacturing quality truck racks since 1988. Straight out of manufacturing facility at Oakville, Ontario and warehouse in California, Backrack products are made by hands on approach. Competitively priced, qualitatively superior and focussed on core product line, all products are easily installed. The company is emotionally invested in the products which stop inclination of outsourcing to the cheap third-party manufacturer. A customer is a sure shot winner here.

PartsEngine has extensive catalogue of Backtrack’s products like

  1. Original Backrack: It is one of the most popular truck racks which gives your vehicle a sleek look so that you don’t really feel like driving a work truck all the time. It is ideal for carrying ladders and long loads. Bulky cargo can be tied with the confidence that shifting cargo cannot damage the rear window. It is tonneau cover compatible and low-rise frame makes parking in garage or multi level lot very easy.
  2. Safety Rack: It provides complete protection for rear window yet maintaining visibility through the two-inch welded screen. Accessories and lights can easily be mounted. It is tonneau cover compatible.
  3. Louvered rack: Made with quality American steel, compatible with select tonneau covers and offering maximum rust protection, Louvered racks can be easily fitted with no drilling. Low profile option requires minimum drilling though.
  4. Open Rack: It is simple and easy to use design mostly used for carrying ladders, lumbers or tying loads. It is tonneau cover compatible and can be easily installed.
  5. Three round rack: : It is suitable for storing any shifting cargo, mount ladders or lumbers and tying loads. Built to add style, it is compatible with select tonneau covers. Moreover, it can be accessorized with lights.
  6. Three light rack: It combines strength, protection and functionality with added visibility. It has no drill and low drill option.

At PartsEngine we also offer siderails, rear bars and light mounting brackets by Backtrack. All products are strong, durable, stylish and can be easy installed with no drilling. We offer best price in the market for these products.