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More than often people are not happy with the suspension their car came equipped with. There are many reasons for this. Either the car with the preferred suspension system didn’t fit your budget or you didn’t consider the type of suspension while buying your car at all.

The good news is, it’s never too late. You can always upgrade your ride with the best suspension components without draining out your wallet. Many car owners upgrade the suspension to make their rides more off-road friendly.

When it comes to superior quality and high-performance suspension components, very few manufacturers can match the caliber of BDS Suspension. They manufacture a wide range of suspension components and kits for aftermarket installation. You can get all high-quality BDS components at Partsengine, the authorized distributors of a wide range of automotive components in Canada.

The key BDS Suspension components and their importance is as follows:

  1. Shock Mount Brackets
  2. One major aftermarket adjustment for off-road is the installation of shock absorbers for a better handling at high speed and over extremely bumpy terrain. You can get them fine-tuned according to the vehicle being used. Shock Mount Brackets by BDS Suspension allow orientation of shock bolt vertically with respect to the axle tube. This prevents the shock from binding during suspension articulation and you can use longer shocks with this apparatus.
  3. Suspension BushingsStiffer suspension bushings decrease excessive ‘play’ between suspension components. They also provide mounting points and allow corresponding movements of suspension components within the right range. There are separate bushings for the control arm, stabilizer bars/sway bars, ball joints, tie rods, shock absorber, and strut mounts, steering parts, differential, and in engine and transmission mounts.
  4. BDS Lateral Arm Bushings and Differential Carrier Bushings are made of high-grade polyurethane with the solid finish for reduced wear and tear. BDS Suspension’s aftermarket suspension components ensure improved on-road performance for years to come.

  5. Steering Arms, Links, and Tie RodsIn case your car’s steering system is not working properly, there might be a problem with steering components like steering arms, tie rods, or links. Steering components are as important as other suspension components for a safe and smooth drive. BDS Suspension manufactured high-end steering system components like Steering Arm, Steering Pitman Arm, and Steering Tie Rod End for a smooth steering experience.
  6. Sway barsSway bars or stabilizer bars along with rigid bushings reduces excessive lateral weight shift of your car at turns by increasing roll stiffness. It results in a more leveled weight distribution on tires, improves handling and traction. In a nutshell, the whole sway bar assembly reduces excessive lateral sway while turning.
  7. Control Arms and Components
  8. Control arms are the main components of a suspension system, linking frame with the wheels. They pivot in response to bumps and pits in the road, making the wheel go up and down. Control arms are connected to frame with the help of bushings and with the axle through bushings or ball joints. BDS Suspension manufactures various types of control arms and their components such as BDS Radius Arm Bracket, BDS Suspension Control Arm Link, and BDS Radius Arm Heat Shield.
  9. Traction Bars and ComponentsTraction bar is an important suspension component. It transmits engine power to the wheels, keeps their contact with the ground, and prevents axle wrap and wheel hop on the vehicle with increased ground clearance. When looking for superior traction bars and components, check out BDS Traction Bars.
  10. Leaf Springs and ComponentsSemi-elliptic spring design with two leaf springs mounted parallel to the rail frames is the most common design used in automobiles. Aftermarket springs may be tougher or softer than stock springs. Softer springs are used to improve a car’s on-road capability to sail over bumps and pits while tough or stiff springs provide better handling. Leaf springs are the stiffer springs. Leaf spring along with Leaf Spring Kit by BDS Suspension serve this purpose to the fullest.
  11. Coil Springs and ComponentsAnother popular type of spring used commonly is the coil spring, either as a part of a coil spring suspension kit or with new shocks. Coil springs are usually soft springs, used for better performance on irregular road and terrains. BDS Suspension manufactures Coil Spring along with complete Coil Spring Kit for better on-road performance.
  12. Lift KitsLift kits are installed to raise the ride height of trucks for a better ground clearance. Lift kits are particularly useful in off-road conditions owing to extreme rough terrains. Faulty lift kit components may raise the ride height but they may also compromise the center of gravity of your truck, making them less stable. BDS Suspension Lift Kit is preferred by truck owners to increase ride height while keeping the safety component intact.
  13. Parts Engine is the authorized distributor of most sought after and high quality BDS Suspension components, providing lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada. Pay us a visit for the ultimate on-road experience.

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