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Shop BedRug Mats In Canada

BedRug, a name linked with high quality and innovation in the market, is a leading manufacturer of mats, carpeted floor covering and bed liners (floor mats are more like a sectional rug while liners are intended as more of a wall-to-wall carpeting overlay. Mats are generally flat, while liners are fitted to the contours of a specific vehicle). Based in Tennessee, BedRug started as a manufacturer of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) foam which has broad attributes from softness, flexibility to thermal stability. It is like foam used in life jackets and hence, it does not absorb moisture. It can be laminated to other substrates. BedRug has created BedTred which is TPO added with polypropylene (a kind of plastic).

This material gives the liners a unique premium carpet like finishing. This material is very durable which is perfect for storing rugged cargo. Similarly, its ability to absorb force makes it ideal for storing fragile things too. At, we offer various products of BedRug like

  1. •Utility mat and tailgate mat
  2. •Carpeted floor covering
  3. •Truck bed liner
  4. •Cargo area liner
  5. •Truck bed mat
  6. •Premium molded floor covering
  7. •Truck bed mats

BedRug is both ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified. Latter entails third party independent on-site audits. It ensures that quality of products is never compromised which yields higher customer satisfaction. Moreover, BedRug is proud flag bearer of environmental safety in the industry. All its products are manufactured from a recyclable TPO/polypropylene composite. Even the unused products are recycled into products used in making wide variety of consumer goods. These products do not contain any prohibited substance. is proud of its association with BedRug. As its authorized partner, we sell the products at cheapest price. Authentic and genuine products come with a lucrative warranty too.

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