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Shop Bedslide Cargo Slides In Canada

Established in 1999, Bedslide is a well-respected brand in automobile aftermarket which allows you to utilize the complete bed space of your truck. Can you Imagine your kitchen without cabinets or wardrobe without drawers? Improper utilization of space at the back of the truck can really defy the logic of buying a pick-up truck at the first place. Bedslide helps you to properly use the space of your pick-up. Just grab the handle, pull and your stuff rolls out with it. No more crawling for things, annoying last-minute searches and backpains.

Not only it improves the access to your bed space, but Bedslide is also weather resistant and comes up with lifetime warranty upon registration. It easy to install and remove.

At PartsEngine, we offer three best sellers from Bedslide product line

Bedslide Classic 1000 slider: : It is the best solution for accessing the truck bed as it holds 1000lbs of evenly distributed weight. Available in silver and black, it turns your truck bed into the half-ton capacity drawer. Imagine the things you can store. It has slots to organize and attack sports rack. Like all the products of Bedslide, it is 100% weather resistance and comes with 5 years warranty which turns onto lifetime upon registration.

Bedslide 1500 Contractor series: :This product is an ultimate heavy-duty cargo management system, whether you are on your job or whisking away on a lovely weekend to a picturesque campsite. It has innovative features for loading, transporting and accessing your equipment. Ideal for professionals, sportsmen and camp lovers, this ¾ ton juggernaut is surely a winner.

Bedslide 2000 Heavy Duty: : Sometimes, life throws a curveball and you cannot escape from lifting heavy duty load, on work or for household. Imagine yourself, living in prairies with the urgent need of transporting your produce. Or consider yourself as a gardener, with those heavy gardening tools, supplies, and equipment. Bedslide, literally offers you a ton of fun, with this 2000 heavy duty product.

PartsEngine, as an authorized partner of Bedslide, offers manufacturer warranty on all products.