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Black Rhino Wheels Products

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What is one thing Canadians and Black Rhino Wheels have incommon? They are known to withstand some of the toughest conditions on the planet. The weather is serious and Black Rhino’s high quality, hardened alloy wheels are no different. Designed to carry rugged and substantial loads, these wheels are the most resilient beasts in the world.


Make a distinctive statement and find whatever perfectly suits your truck or suv at We know you are passionate about your vehicle and we are thrilled to support your vision. The wheels come in a range of 5 x (120mm, 127mm, 139.7mm, 150mm), 6 x (120mm, 135mm, 139.7mm) and many more sizes and finishes.


Show who’s really the alpha of the pack and feature your vehicle with negative and positive offsets with wheels such as the Barstow-Matte Black, Warlord-Matte Gunmetal and Mozambique-Matte black and many more. Whether you are looking for an aggressive appearance that supports an extreme lift or a city truck with a mild lift that has gobs of style, you can find it in our Black Rhino Wheels collection.


So if you are looking for well built, tough looking wheels that are also smooth and vibration-free, strive for the best in the market and empower your vehicle’s potential with Black Rhino wheels.