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Blue Ox Products

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The Blue Ox company has led the way in agricultural manufacturing for over 90 years and in 1984 through the purchase of Kar-Tote, an automatic equipment manufacturing company they also became one of the leading manufacturers for the recreational vehicle aftermarket and car rental industry.


During the 1980 farm crisis, the company was forced to change. However this unfortunate circumstance allowed the company to grow from being the first producer of dependable and affordable cattle oilers to manufacturing world-class products in the feeding of livestock, tractor accessories, and trailer towing equipment. If you are in a heavy duty line of work, Blue Ox’s commercial and industrial tow bars are just what you’re looking for.


Their product line is superior in quality and a href=""/performance-accessories-c-222.aspx"" alt=""performance-accessories canada"">performance meeting all the recreational and commercial needs of Canadians with items such as:

  • Tow bars
  • Carriers
  • Track bars
  • Supplemental braking systems
  • Gooseneck hitches
  • Steering control systems

Blue Ox products are Ideal for utility companies, construction sites, rental companies, fleet applications, agricultural and farming uses, city, county and state government. So wherever you work this company has got your back!


They have also taken part in various social events like races, RV shows and rallies all around North America which exhibits their dedication and enthusiasm for connecting with their customers. The Blue Ox company was also recognized at the White House for their achievements in rural manufacturing.


Blue Ox is an organization built on a tradition of quality workmanship and at, we are proud to offer their products to our Canadian customers. When lives are on the line, you need strong equipment you can rely on. Blue Ox’s unique industry leading features are of the utmost quality and affordability and will give you the extra strength needed to do the hard jobs.