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Bulldog Products

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Shop Bulldog Jacks and Hitch Accessories In Canada

Bulldog brand was established in 1920 and brand has been trusted by manufacturers and military. It is built for heavy-duty towing as its products are characterized by unmatched strength, reliability, safety and value. Materials are engineered to hold up against rigorous working conditions.

At PartsEngine, we offer various Bulldog products like

Locks: Having your own trailer is something one looks forward to. Whether you are going for a weekend getaway, a nice camping trip in the woods or even for a long trip, a trailer is bound to get noticed, sometimes for wrong reasons. If not properly locked, next thing you know is that your prized item is selling at half of its price in some town 50 Kms away. Bulldog offers an incredible range of hitch, couplers and door locks to keep trailer (and its cargo) safety locked to your truck. Locks are of two types; Hitch locks and Coupler locks

Trailer Jacks: Bulldog is leader in trailer jack industry and since 1919, it has been manufacturing the most trusted products for multiple applications. For ex: livestock trailers, utility rigs, cargo haulers etc. Trailer jacks are of various types depending on the equipment you have picked. For lighter loads, Round Jacks are best performers. For medium to heavy duty support, Square jacks and Heavy duty square jacks provide the right combination. 2-Speed Square Jacks are suitable for faster operation and variable cranking ratio for heavy loads. Similarly, Rack and Gear Jacks are suitable for high tongue weight trailers.

PartsEngine recommends checking of weight ratings and other features of the Jacks to suit your application.

Couplers: Bulldog’s trailer couplers come up with industry-exclusive automatic tight ball fit. Variety of coupler styles, tongue mounts and latches allow configurations to match any trailer. To select the correct coupler, recommends choosing the correct ball size that matches with the weight and choosing the correct channel width and style that matches the trailer tongue