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Bully Dog Products

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Shop Bully Dog Performance Tuners and Chips In Canada

Bullydog is an American company which started as an enthusiast business focusing on improving diesel engine performance. It has come a long way since then. Now it is a leading brand in Electronic Control Unit (ECU) calibration, aftermarket parts, precision data logging, and monitoring systems. The brand is committed to excellence in products and innovative technologies. It delivers unparalleled performance by making use of advances in mobile computing, cloud computing, and performance monitoring.

At, we deliver different products of Bullydog which leads in the field of ECU performance calibration technology for gas and diesel vehicles. Its calibration software adjusts key performance indicators to cater to demands you put on your vehicle like tough terrain, heavy payloads, towing trailers etc.

Its product line includes:

GTX performance tuner and monitor:

Loaded with most advanced hardware to date and power features, GTX has ability to tune and monitor an extensive list of engine parameters. It starts within 10 seconds, is super responsive and has customizable gauges. Its 5-inch capacitive touch screen gives you a smartphone experience. It has ability to hold 20 custom tunes which can be received via Wi-Fi from any of its tuning dealers. It can log in performance data while driving which gives greater insight to drivers. There are different products to respond for different set of parameters one wants to tune like GT gas gauge tuner, diesel tuner etc.

Bully dog Dodge Cummins unlock cable:

This cable works on RAM engines from 2013 onwards

Bullydog cold air intake kit:

Cold Air Intake kit, as the name suggests, brings cold air to the internal combustion engine of the vehicle. It is said to increase engine efficiency and performance. The principle behind is that cold air is denser than hot air and thus carries more oxygen in comparison.

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