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CargoGlide Cargo Slides and Accessories

A Cargo Slide makes everything placed in your truck bed accessible without bending and reaching out. Cargo slide converts your whole truck bed into a sliding drawer and spares from crawling on your elbows and knees to reach your load. They usually come fully assembled and are easy to install.

CargoGlide, offers a wide range of cargo slides to choose from as per the requirements. All the CargoGlide products are offered at value pricing built using cost-effective plywood decks on steel frames with laminated aluminum surfaces. Cargo slides from the company have lower side guards and come in multiple weight ratings. CargoGlide offers two full pull out bed slides as well: the 1500XL and the 2200XL.

It is quite hard to reach under caps or tonneau covers on your truck bed, especially with packed cargo. Bed slides are precisely the solution to this problem as it essentially is a "sliding drawer” which rolls out conveniently on ball-bearing casters. It can be locked at multiple detent positions while pulling out as per requirement. A rubberized deck surface is used for most bed slides offered by CargoGlide.

Most popular cargo slides offered by CargoGlide are:

  1. CargoGlide CG Series CG1000 Cargo Slides
  2. CargoGlide CG Series CG1500 Cargo Slides
  3. CargoGlide CG Series CG1200 Cargo Slides
  4. CargoGlide CG-HD Series CG1800HD Cargo Slides
  5. CargoGlide CG-HD Series CG2200HD Cargo Slides
  6. CargoGlide CG-XL Series CG1000XL Cargo Slides
  7. CargoGlide CG-XL Series CG1500XL Cargo Slides
  8. CargoGlide CG-XL Series CG2200XL Cargo Slides

Apart from cargo slides CargoGlide also offer some other quality products to be used with cargo glides. i.e. Stabilizer legs, Drop links and Outside tie downs.

Stabilizer Legs facilitate conversion of your cargo slides into a steady work platform. These are ideal for space requirements during on-site jobs.

Drop Links are used to extend the tailgate opening radius, in turn allowing smoother slide of the cargo slide without rubbing against the tailgate.

Stabilizer Legs are essential to secure your cargo while travelling on uneven surfaces. These are used to tie down the items for a safer carriage.

CargoGlide has following popular products for these products categories.

  1. CargoGlide Stabilizer Legs
  2. CargoGlide Drop Link Kit
  3. CargoGlide Outside Tie-Downs
  4. All the CargoGlide products are available at PartEngine with free shipping across Canada.

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