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Cooper Tire began back in 1914 when two brothers-in-law formed a company to produce tire patches and repair kits. The owners, in 1915, acquired a tire rebuilding business called The Giant Tire and Rubber Company. In 1919, the Cooper Corporation was established for manufacturing new tires. The two companies integrated to form The Master Tire & Rubber Company. The company later changed their name to Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. The company believes in providing good merchandise with fairness and honesty. In 2017, Cooper Tire along with Volkswagen won its first OE fitment.

PartsEngine is an authorized Cooper Tire retailer and carries the complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada.

Why choose Cooper Tire?

Operating in over a dozen countries around the world, Cooper has almost 10,600 employees today. Cooper Tire offers luxury with touring tire for the drivers who want optimum ride comfort, all-weather traction and robust maneuverability on tough surfaces. Cooper passenger tires are designed to be suitable for different vehicles including minivans, passenger cars, crossovers, and small SUVs. Cooper ultra-high-performance tires provide excellent cornering ability and steering response all this with optimum wet and dry traction and high-speed capability.

Cooper Tires premium touring SUV tires original equipment replacement all-terrain tires are for the drivers who fancy comfortable ride, all-season traction and a premium warranty in a highway touring tire. Cooper's snow and winter tires have a Tri-Polymer Blend tread compound. They are specially designed for excellent winter traction and maintaining wet and dry performance. These tires are innovative tires with stud pin holes design, thus improving traction on ice.

Some popular Products lines by Cooper Tires are:

  1. Cooper Discoverer
  2. Cooper Trendsetter
  3. Cooper Weather-Master
  4. Cooper Zeon
  5. Cooper Cobra Radial
  6. Cooper Evolution
  7. Cooper CS5

Cooper Products in Canada

PartsEngine is proudly Canadian and an authorized retailer of Cooper Tire products. As a result, you will receive the complete manufacturer's warranty when you order from us and that too at lower prices. Our customers enjoy free shipping in Canada without having to pay any duty or customs charges on the order. Our return policy provides full 365 days return on all products.