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Corsa Performance Products

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Shop Corsa Performance Air Intakes In Canada

Corsa Performance ventured into exhaust manufacturing industry in 1998. The company launched the revolutionary RSC technology and re-wrote the way performance exhaust functions completely. The RSC Technology custom tunes the exhaust note and eliminates exhaust drone. Corsa's drive to produce the world's best exhaust and air intake systems is apparent from their concepts to their development.

Corsa started manufacturing air intakes in 2012. The RSC exhaust knowledge of air-flow helped Corsa manufacture easy-flowing direct path air intakes. PartsEngine is an authorized Corsa retailer and carries the complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada.

Why choose Corsa Performance?

Corsa Performance is passionate about delivering the best automotive driving experience. The company uses advanced engineering technologies to create innovative products for the car enthusiast. The air intakes and exhaust manufactured by Corsa Performance delivers additional power by manipulating airflow using acoustic technologies.

Corsa's research has allowed them to develop several industry-leading technologies. These innovative technologies have given Corsa performance products a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) Technology

The RSC Technology facilitates selective identification and elimination of resonant frequencies responsible for drone and in turn enables custom tuning of the exhaust note. The RSC technology debuted in 1998 on the C5 Corvette. This technology:

  1. Eliminates drone.
  2. Has acoustic tuning and aggressive sound.
  3. Increases engine efficiency, power, and torque.

Power Channel Technology

  1. This efficiently enhances the performance by channeling more air to the throttle body.
  2. The aerospace grade carbon fiber reduces air temperatures in the engine by 10 degrees.
  3. Designed for increasing additional horsepower and torque gains by greatly increasing airflow.

Powercore Filtration Technology

Corsa offers a wide range of air intake solutions featuring Power Filtration Technology. This system increases horsepower by increasing air volume and preventing hot air from entering the engine.

  1. The design of the channels helps air to efficiently enter the engine.
  2. Silicon connectors provide flexibility, strength and thermal stability.
  3. Wider air ducts, unique bends, and smooth transitions maximize horsepower.

Powercore Filtration beats older cellulose filters with enhanced filtration capacity, a less congested air-path and maintenance free operation for about 150,000 miles.

Some popular products by Corsa performance are:

  1. Corsa Cat Back Exhaust System - Gas Pickup Trucks
  2. Corsa Cat Back Exhaust System - Cars and SUVs
  3. Corsa Axle Back Exhaust System
  4. Corsa Cold Air Intake Kit

Corsa Performance products in Canada

PartsEngine is an authorized retailer of Corsa performance products in Canada. When ordering with us, your product will be completely covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We have been operating since 2012 and are proudly Canadian owned. We provide free shipping, no duty or customs fee.