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Dee Zee Products

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Shop Dee Zee Running Boards And More Truck Accessories In Canada

DEEZEE has been a trusted brand in truck accessory market since 1977. It supports the biggest names in auto industry as their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on a variety of products. Its products can be found on Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, or Toyata.

Made in North America, DeeZee has over 1 million square feet area dedicated to manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and shipping. Majority of the products are procured from American vendors to be sure of quality. In-house engineers are trusted to create various products customized for various applications for your vehicle. All products are built by keeping customers in mind. Brand recognized the need of having an extensive product line which can cater to a worker, a weekender and everything in between.

All products of Dee Zee are manufactured with eco-friendly processes which help the company to have reduced carbon footprints. Right from the scratch, company takes different initiatives like recycling, material reduction and efficient manufacturing process to do its part to protect the planet. It works with the vendors who are participants of Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program. has various products from the Deezee family:

Tailgate Assist: If you are tired from the bone-jarring thud whenever truck bed slams down, this product is for you. It comes with one dampened gas shock and works in conjunction with factory cables. No drill installation and 3 years warranty adds to this amazing product. So if your hands are full while operating the truck bed or you are worried about safety of operators particularly children, tailgate assist is there to help.

Floor Mats

Truck Bed Mats

Bull Bars and Side Bars

Mud flaps

Bed caps and running boards

Transfer Tanks

You will be assured of receiving best warranty programs in the industry as majority of products from DeeZee come with limited lifetime warranty. With offering the manufacturer’s warranty on each product of DeeZee, you can be guaranteed that the products and your association with us will stand the test of time. Parts engine offers you never-seen-before prices on DeeZee products. It is high time to enhance functions and appearance of your vehicle with