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DiabloSport Power Programmers for a Fine Tuned Engine Performance

DiabloSport Power Programmers for a Fine Tuned Engine Performance

Engines are capable of greater performance levels. Performance tuners help unleash that hidden potential and boost your engine into optimal performance levels.

There are many types of performance tuners, power programmers being one of them. DiabloSport is the leading manufacturer of power programmers in North America. Parts Engine deals in the most competent DiabloSport tuners that enhance engine performance with a few simple steps.

Here’s how DiabloSport Power Programmers enhance engine performance:

  1. Achieves Optimal Air-Fuel Ratio: Engine is not able to reach optimal air-fuel with factory settings. As a result, the fuel is not able to burn completely and mileage is adversely affected over time. Power Programmer tunes your car’s onboard computer to carry out efficient combustion by reaching optimal air-fuel ratio. When fuel burns properly, fuel efficiency increases.

  2. Facilitates Right Combustion Timing: Engine performance is greatly determined by combustion timing. If sparkplug goes off at the wrong time, precious fuel and subsequent horsepower is lost. Performance tuners optimize ignition timing that improves both engine output and fuel mileage.

  3. Makes Up for Aftermarket Upgrades: Have you experienced a downfall in engine performance after you’ve installed aftermarket upgrades? Power Programmers help you out of this fix by recalibrating the onboard computer to match the specifications needed after upgrades.

  4. Helps maintain consistent RPM: There’s a significant loss of RPM while you shift gears. Even with automatic transmission, there’s some degree of lag that results in reduced RPM. That means optimal RPM levels are delayed. This problem is solved by Power Programmers that help to maintain a consistent RPM.

  5. Notches Up your Car’s Top Speed: Your car’s factory settings are calibrated according to the stock tire performance. That’s the reason why top speed remains the same even after installation of aftermarket high performance tires. Performance tuner allows your car to reach the top speed that’s promised by your new set of high performance tires.

Parts Engine offers the following DiabloSport products:

  1. DiabloSport InTune i3 Performance Tuners
    Great for enhancing engine horsepower and torque of a large variety of cars, ranging from sedans to SUVs.

  2. DiabloSport InTune i3 Platinum Performance Tuners
    One of the very few performance tuners flexible enough to accommodate aftermarket updates.

  3. DiabloSport EXTREME Power Puck
    The most powerful performance tuner on the block, it has over 100 different power settings to choose from.

  4. DiabloSport InTune i2 Performance Tuner
    This one’s equipped with dyno-tested programs for specific cars and trucks for precise tuning.

  5. DiabloSport Predator 2 Tuner
    The good old performance tuner that has proved its mettle over years regarding enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  6. DiabloSport Trinity Gauge Pod Mount
    Specifically designed for DiabloSport trinity series that locks at the back and allows 360o adjustment.