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Shop Dick Cepek Tires In Canada

If your driving involves any Off-Road activities such as sand-racing, rock-crawling or mud-plowing, Then you definitely need to have a quality set of Off Road truck tires installed on your vehicle. Most people believe that you need truck tires for better traction on rugged terrain, and general agreement suggests that larger tires translate to more traction. The Dick Cepek brand authentically represent off-roading spirit with quality and reliable products. They have dedicated a team to offer cutting-edge products for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs for greater outdoor adventure.

Dick Cepek Inc. was established in 1958 by Dick Cepek himself out of his passion for outdoor activities. Dick started first off-road retail shop of the brand in 1967. Where a large variety of off-road tires, wheels, and accessories were offered. Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels manufacture multiple product lines of All-Terrain, Mud-Tires: Extreme, Trail, and Fun. All these product lines have specific qualities suited for their intended use.



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