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Dirty Life Wheels Products

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Dirty Life Wheels are created by some of the world's brilliant wheel minds. Company possess years of experience and employ modern equipment with the highest technology. It is ensured that the wheels deliver optimal performance. The company designs a product with the maximum multi-fitment capability to provide clearance for a wide range of vehicles. Advanced engineering techniques are used to prepare robust wheels for durability and reliability. Multiple wheel finishes allow the owners to opt for a personalized look as per their preferences.

PartsEngine brings the new product by Dirty Life Wheels with the complete manufacturer's warranty. Plus, we will never ask you to pay any shipping, customs or duties, or border fees.

Why Choose Dirty Life Wheels?

The brand has a uniquely identifiable competitive line of aftermarket wheels which strike with a perfect blend of modern design language and durable product strength.

Dirty Life DT-1 and DT-2 Series

The Dirty Life DT-1 and DT-2 series wheels are made for the street and trail. These can be used with standard simulated DOT Ring or Forged Beadlock Ring for street or off-road use respectively. The additional styles of simulated DOT Rash Rings can be customized to change the standard look of the wheels. Both the series have TPMS compatibility and have a center cap.


  1. Dual-TEK Technology to allow a wheel to be used for multiple purposes.
  2. D.O.T. street-legal option to mount tires.
  3. Functional Beadlock ability for off-road use.
  4. Optional Rash Ring or Simulated Ring for a customized look.

Dirty Life Ironman Series

These wheels provide a solid look to your vehicle. The Ironman series is available in number dimensional for almost all popular vehicles. The HSL Technology gives the rims an all-terrain endurance.


  1. Made for ultimate adventures.
  2. Endures all terrain conditions with the help of HSL (HIGH STRENGTH LIP) TECHNOLOGY.
  3. Aggressive wide 8 spoke sculpted design.
  4. Suitable for lifted trucks, jeeps, pre-runners, and SUVs.

Dirty Life Roadkill Series

The patented HSL technology makes the Roadkill series well built with the dynamic 10-spoke design. These high-quality wheels come in several sizes and finishes for you lifted vehicle.


  1. Dirty Life Roadkill Street series wheels definitely enhance appearance of your ride.
  2. A 10-spoked pattern and V-shaped windows add a certain uniqueness.
  3. The patented HSL (High-Strength Lip) Technology strengthens the wheels for all-terrain durability.
  4. The stainless-steel lip bolts give a sharp-looking, simulated beadlock design.
  5. Ideally suited for lifted vehicles..

Dirty Life Products in Canada

PartsEngine is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Dirty Life products. If you place an order with us, you will receive the complete manufacturer's warranty at low prices. Our customers enjoy free shipping without having to pay any duty or customs charges on the order.