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EBC Brakes- An advanced safety feature of your car.

Efficient braking lies at the crux of safe driving. The importance of an advanced and effective braking system can’t be more stressed upon.

A typical disc braking system consists of brake pads, brake disc rotors, and calipers to approximate the brake pads. When brakes are engaged, brake pads fitted to brake calipers are forced onto disc rotors. The resulting friction is enough to stop the car, given the brake pads and disc rotors are in good shape and calipers are capable of transmitting the required force.

A capable braking system must stop the car at once, irrespective of its speed. Very few manufacturers are global leaders in sound braking systems such as EBC. They meticulously engineer the compounds used in brake pads for reduced wear and tear of pads, disc rotor, and wheels.

Benefits of installing a high quality braking system and components can be summed up as:

  1. Reduced Stopping Distance:As the brake pads or rotors wear out with time, they add to the stopping distance of your car. It means your car will not stop immediately and will travel a short distance before coming to a complete halt. Tough yet soft ceramic pads reduce wear and tear of rotors and significantly reduce stopping distance.

  2. Less Heating of Brake Pads: Owing to the denser compounds used to manufacture EBC brake pads, heat from friction is distributed throughout the pads. This prevents deformation of rotors and pads due to excessive localized heat.

  3. Less Brake Dust: What harm can a little dust cause to your car? A lot actually. High amount of brake dust indicate towards a high rate of rotor and pad wear and tear. On analysis, brake dust is found to contain high ferrous content which backs this conclusion. That means you’ll need brake pads and disc rotors replacement sooner than you thought.
    Moreover, ferrous content laden brake dust burns into the lacquer of alloy wheels, causing permanent discoloration. Consequently, it can hamper the look and resale value of your car.

  4. Long Lasting Safety: If you feel high quality brake systems and components are expensive, think of them as a onetime investment for long term on-road protection. You won’t need frequent change of brake pads and rotors if you prefer quality over quantity.

Parts Engine, the topmost automotive retail store in Canada, offers top notch EBC products such as:

  1. EBC Redstuff Ceramic Sport Brake pads: They’re manufactured especially for sports cars for efficient braking at ultra-high speeds.

  2. EBC Greenstuff Brake pads: They come in three variants as per application. Greenstuff 2000 series is designed for sport compact and family cars for low to medium usage; Greenstuff 6000 series is designed for fairly heavy usage of entry level trucks and SUVs; and Greenstuff 7000 series is designed for extreme usage, built for heavy trucks and SUVs with excellent lifetime. Greenstuff series is manufactured using organic friction materials for a softer pedal feel.

  3. EBC Yellowstuff Brake pads: They exhibit an excellent heat range, with great braking performance in cold and hot friction.

  4. EBC Orangestuff Brake pads: Great for extreme heavyweight usage, they have an excellent heat range. Made of carbon granule based EXTRA DUTY material, they give undeterred braking performance even while cold braking.

  5. EBC Ultimax Brake pads: They’re the quality OEM replacement pads for everyday low key usage.

  6. EBC Brake Rotors: Available in four variants namely BSD series Sport Rotors. GD Series Sport Rotors. USR Series Spotted Rotors, and Ultimax OEM Style Replacement Rotors.

All EBC products are low dust rated, made of heat dispersing materials, and highly durable to last through extreme long term usage. Parts Engine offers free shipping on major EBC products, anywhere in Canada.

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