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Edelbrock Products

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Vic Edelbrock Sr. always had a natural talent for auto mechanics ever since he had to drop out of school at 14 to support his family. It was this talent that laid the foundation for the company we know as Edelbrock today. From developing the first single engine streamliner to go over 200mph to creating the first manifolds of the Pontiac and Chrysler engines, Vic Sr was a man to be reckoned with in the automotive industry. Vic’s philosophy for “proven performance” has remained the core of the Edelbrock company’s culture since 1938.


With over six locations totalling 500,000 square feet: Three in Torrance California, two in San Jacinto, California and one in Sanford North carolina, Edlebrock has continuously invested in state of the art facilities with their headquarters in Torrance, California being their hub for diligent testing, manufacturing, R&D, advertising and tech support.


In the 80’s and 90’s the Edelbrock corporation diversified their product line with carburetors, camshaft kits, exhaust systems, engine accessories and more and now they make many of the lubricants and superchips for your engines. At we want to provide Canadians with the highest quality aftermarket parts that will improve your engines’ performance and contribute to your vehicle’s ultimate appearance.

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