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Shop Fulton Performance Winches In Canada

Fulton is one of the few prestigious brands which has survived the test of time and still stands tall when competitors bite the dust due to one reason or other. Founded in 1911, Fulton products have become industry standards for excellence and durability. Fulton’s winches are known for their matchless performance in the world of light and medium duty trailering. Though the company has expanded to include various other products in its repertoire, it is still the best brand to call upon when the weather turns worst. Trusted by recreational enthusiasts and used for marine applications everywhere, the brand combines innovative design with quality and value. has a different type of products in the winch category. It includes trailer winches, brake winches, and winch accessories as well. For over 50 years, Fulton has produced finest winches. While manufacturing, high-quality materials are used. Combined with a continuous focus on engineering and innovation, Fulton winches offer twin benefits of style and performance while meeting every need.

While selecting for a winch, one should look for environment he needs to work in (wet, dry, marine), capacity (products range from 600 lbs to 2100 lbs), cranking resistance (single speed or multi-speed) and safety (i.e. there is a need of having a well-functioning brake system in order to manage the load).

At, we have both single and double speed winches by Fulton. The single winch is designed to pull heavy loads with extremely comfortable gripping. Offering highly efficient gear ratio, single speed winches are made up of carbon steel to offer rigidity and longer life cycle. Corrosion resistance is due to added zinc finishing.

Two-speed winches can offer increased speed for quick uptake and low speed for increased mechanical gain. It is designed to allowing change of gears without moving the crank handle shaft to shaft. It also has a free wheel position which allows payout without the need of spinning the handle. offers various winch accessories from an amazing range of Fulton products at unbelievable price. All products come with the original manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping Canada

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