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Shop Gorilla Lug Nuts In Canada

Gorilla Automotive products is one of the most reliable brands in the accessory industry. The brand has stood tall as a flag bearer of unwavering commitment to quality for over 40 years now. Not only reliable but Gorilla Automotive product is an industry leader through its continued emphasis on innovation and teamwork. Year after year, Gorilla has provided the customer with products they can rely on. Its products are known for exceptional quality on which so many of its ardent customers depend on and trust wholeheartedly. However, Brand has never taken customer loyalty and trust for granted. In the cut throat industry as, an accessory industry where so many new players come, and old players struggle hard for relevance, this brand has never settled for second best. The company keeps on investing in bringing out products who continue to amaze customers with their performance even now. In return of its perseverance, the brand has continued its growth without looking back. has best sellers of Gorilla at your disposal. Products include

Lug nuts: Gorilla has enviable range of high-quality lug nuts covering almost every application. To add to its unmatched variety, lug nuts come with very informative packaging. If you have gone and search everywhere for that elusive lug nut you are looking for. With Gorilla’s hard-to-find specialty lugs and washers range, you will not return disappointed. Lug nuts are available in bulk, bagged, clamshell and wheel installation kit category. Moreover, the brand has almost infinite sizes and colors in lug nuts. You can select lugs in

  1. Acorn (for use with steel wheels)
  2. Bulge Acorn (for use with steel and aluminum wheels)
  3. Standard Mag (for use with custom aluminum wheels that are thick at the stud hole)
  4. Duplex Acorn (for use with 8 lug wheels)
  5. Cragar SST (For Cragar mags)

Wheel locks: They are most advanced and unique locks in the market today and are made from case-hardened steel. With security pattern that is almost impossible to remove with out matching key, each gorilla loch comes in an informative packaging which is essential for some customers to operate the locks. It has a registration number which is required for ordering replacement key. They are available in 5 Hex sizes. gives you manufacturer warranty at all of Gorilla’s automotive products and free shipping in Canada.