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RELIABILITY. EFFICIENCY. MODERNITY. This philosophy of H&R springs has never waivered even after more than 20 years of service. Always innovating, this tight-knit company has garnered and amassed huge respect from the automotive world for their premium suspension products.


The company is as German as it can get. Founded by Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen in the village of Lennestadt, they were not only the first manufacturer to receive the TUV certificate for a lowering spring but their suspension kits and spring sets have even met tougher (ABE) certification standards. This is important because it shows H&R springs’ unwillingness to settle for mediocrity and their continuous pursuit of perfecting the best suspension products on the market has given them the respect they deserve in the industry. Their products have also been widely credited for paving the way for the start of the European performance spring market.


Through the experience and expertise of Mr. Heine and Mr. Remmen, they have built superior quality springs and top-of-the-line suspension parts that would give the automotive world a new dimension. Their state of the art industrious equipment and the use of only high grade materials has made them the leader in high performance, quality suspension components and their commitment to creating second-to-none products have given them considerable influence on the suspension industry.


The creation of H&R products go through a rigorous process to ensure consistent performance and quality. They utilize very expensive machinery and the metal used is of high tensile steel variety and yielding springs with less weight. H&R chooses not to use stainless steel for these applications. They believe that with proper maintenance and care, their coil-overs will last as long as, if not better than any others on the market.


In the spring production process, it is first programmed on a computerized CNC spring coiler to determine specific spring tension, length and diameter. The springs are then heat-treated and shot peened to remove any internal stresses and surface imperfections within the metal which allows for a smooth surface when coating. H&R observed that the shot-peening process extended spring life by more than 200%.


The springs are then involved in an operation called pre-setting that keeps it from sagging. To achieve this, it is fully compressed and held for a period of time until all of the coils are touching each other. Last but not least, the spring is coated. As the spring hangs on a metal hook it goes through three phrases:

  • Phosphate cleaning
  • Powder coating
  • Heat-curing

H&R is very thorough with this process as each spring is even hand painted to any tiny area that might be naked from the contact of the metal hook. After the manufacturing is complete, the product is boxed and shipped to the biggest car brands and automotive companies in the world.


Although the production of springs is the bulk of H&R’s business, over the years, they have developed their product line to also include:

  • H&R coilovers
  • Wheel Bolts
  • The largest wheel spacer and adapter program in the industry
  • Stud conversions

All H&R products exceed ISO worldwide quality assurance standards.


At we offer suspension stabilizer bars, steering dampers and stabilizers, coil springs and much more that guarantees outstanding ride comfort, enhanced driving convenience, reduced body roll and better handling. In our H&R collection, you will find products designed for your vehicles that are stronger and more durable for the Canadian roads.

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