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Shop Husky Liners In Canada

Stock accessories are never nearly enough for your truck. That’s why the very first step of a truck/SUV owner is to invest in aftermarket accessories.

Husky Liners has been a favorite among truck enthusiasts for floor mats and cargo liners. Stock mats and liners don’t really live up to expectations and can’t withstand excessive usage. Then what makes Husky Liners so special?

In one line, Husky Liners are tough, durable, and worth every single dime. These extend numerous benefits to your truck such as:

  1. • High quality and durable floor mats/cargo liners protect the valuable upholstery of your truck.
  2. • It’s a cost effective way to preserve the newness of your truck.
  3. • Resale value of your car/truck is maintained, making it a good payoff on all that investment.
  4. • Your car/truck becomes easy to clean. Just take out the mats and clean them. Ultra-fine Husky Liners products are very easy to clean.
  5. • Custom fit ensures better coverage and no side spillage.
  6. • Unlike stock mats/liners, StayPut Cleats on undersurface of Husky Liners offer a firm grip even under heavy movement.
  7. • Easy to install in minutes.
  8. • Deep ridges collect all the dirt, mud, and debris, with just the smooth soft surface left exposed.
  9. • Perimeter edge contains all sorts of mess inside the mat/liner, never letting out a single drop.
  10. • For the cherry on top, it’s ‘guaranteed for life’. That means no questions asked lifetime warranty.

Parts Engine offers selected Husky Liners products at lowest prices with free of cost shipment. The most popular products include:

  1. • Husky Liners Weatherbeater Cargo Liners: Custom-fit cargo or trunk area liners can withstand extreme usage with ease. Keeps the trunk carpeted area protected from spills and stains. StayPut Cleats avoid shifting of liner. It’s available in three colors- Tan, Black, and Grey to match the interiors of your vehicle.
  2. • Husky Liners Classic Cargo Liners: Trunk floor mats by Husky Liners are custom made as per your vehicle type that ensures a snug fit without the annoying shifting. Made of rubberized thermoplastic material that never cracks or breaks under pressure. It’s also available in three colors- Tan, Black, and Grey to match your vehicle’s interiors.

Shop for Husky Liners at Parts Engine where you’ll get the lowest prices on high quality products. Free shipping and along with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty makes for a lucrative deal. Only buy authentic Husky Liners for guaranteed lifelong protection of your vehicle’s upholstery.

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