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Shop Injen Exhaust Systems and Air Intakes Kits In Canada

In the year 1988, Ron Delgado, a young entrepreneur, was finding better ways to polish products in his family ‘job-shop’. He was tired of old polish machines which only used to work on flat surfaces. He thought of a multi-axis polishing machine which can polish different type of surfaces, effectively and briskly. The journey has begun. What started as a simple mission to improve polishing, developed into the quest of developing industry-first designs or industry-changing manufacturing solutions. In 1991, demand for air induction products was beginning to rise which gave an opportunity to Ron to make his presence felt. Injen was launched and from then, it has never wavered from its promise of delivering innovative solutions pertaining to the complex nature of vehicles in the automotive market. has patented products of Injen Technologies like

  1. Air intake system: Apart from being an industry leader in aftermarket performance products, Injen air intake system delivers high performance to cool your vehicle whenever need arises. Built with Injen patented MR tech and step tuning process, this product is set an industry standard with many vying to emulate. It is highly stylized product giving unsurpassed performance.

  2. Injen Exhaust system:At, we have two varieties of exhaust system: Axle back and cat-back. Both products are industry proven performance setters which are designed for specific vehicles. These products are made with stainless steel with burnt titanium tips. Designed to increase horsepower while maintaining efficiency, these exhaust systems are easy to install. Made with products from USA only, exhaust systems are handcrafted and welded to perfection. With impressive HP gains and torque gains, these products are made to perform impressively.

  3. Intercooler piping kit: Injen intercooler piping kit sets the new benchmark for high performance turbocharged vehicles. It ensures that motor of your beloved car/truck is inhaling the coolest and consistent air. It is easy to install, and kit includes all the instructions plus hardware. Injen has patented technology which is tested and proven to increase your vehicle performance when Intercooler piping kit is installed. This product is made according to specifications, so check your vehicle before buying it. is committed to provide to complete experience of Injen’s products which are highly innovative. Unauthentic products not only impact the performance of your vehicle negatively but can cause extensive damage in the long run. Be sure of buying authentic products from at amazing price.