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Ion wheels is a growing brand of alloy wheels which offer a wide range of stylish products for your truck, SUV, Jeep etc. Known for unparalleled control standards and sturdy alloy wheels, the brand is capturing the minds and imagination of alloy wheel enthusiasts. Alloy wheels are made in the appropriate wheel and tire size with a focus on style and performance. In an overloaded market of automotive alloy wheels where new entrants are coming in huge numbers, Ion wheels are few of select brands which have stood tall where others have fallen to dwindling quality standards and money. Competition, not withstanding, the brand has stuck to its core value of style, performance, and innovation. Due to the high level of expertise Ion wheels has managed to keep the cost of its products to decent level whereas others have continued to increase the prices of their products, perhaps due to increasing input costs, or due to sheer greed. is proudly associated with Ion wheels and has all the products from its catalog.

  1. Ion wheels 171: Market is loaded with alloys with spoke design but Ion wheels 171 provides welcome relief as well as an exception from overused spoke pattern. It has circular spacings reminiscent of old school rims but having a contemporary appearance of an alloy wheel. Built to be different and strong, this product comes in finishes like Black with machined lip, matte black and polished. Sizes available are 15”,16,17”, 18 and 20”.
  2. Ion wheels 133: This product has an eight double spoke with rectangular spaces in between. Built to add muscle and style to your ride, Ion wheel 133 comes in two finishes: Black and chrome. It is a popular mid-segment alloy wheel with sizes available in 15”, 16” and 17”.
  3. Ion wheels 167: If you want your new purchase or old one to look muscular and yet not compromising on looks, this product is most suited. Compatible with almost every color, this wheel has eight circles design along with another concentric ring of the small circle. Built for luxury as well as multiple usages, Ion wheel 167 reeks of durability and strength even in the first look. has other best sellers of Ion wheels such as 181,179,171, 174,181 etc. Avail the best price offers in the country on genuine Ion Wheels products at only.