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Mayhem tires is a brand which is known to deliver alloy wheels which are stylish as well as robust. Known for its extensive research in automotive alloy wheel market, Mayhem tires have developed wheels which have the highest load ratings for some of the real-world applications. Not one to shy away from challenging, Mayhem tires have a cutting-edge precision to go with their unique style. It is known to provide extreme performance and satisfaction to its users. If you work in the timber industry in the Rockies, drive a compact SUV in downtown or own a Jeep for off-roading, Mayhem tires are one for you. With a variety of sizes and fitment, all offerings of Mayhem tires are made to give that customized look to your ride for which you might be yearning for some time. Build to impress and perform, Mayhem provides so many varieties to its users that getting the ultimate look is never a problem. has many products from formidable product line of Mayhem tires

  1. Mayhem warrior series: Available in four finish: Matte black, black with milled spokes, chrome and black with machined face, this 8 spoke double mouth product makes a stunning style statement. It is available in four sizes: 17”, 18”, 20” and 22”. If you are looking to make a bold statement while also expecting high quality performance this product is sure to fit your requirement.
  2. Mayhem Hatchet series: This product is made in two sizing: 20X9 and 20X10 with two finish: Gloss black with milled spokes as well as gloss gunmetal with black spokes. Made of high quality aluminium, this product has curved multi armed shape which stands out in terms of design and looks. This product is a universally fitted product. Termed as best seller from the brand, its unique looks are complimented with the reliable performance. It is tested under extreme circumstances to withstand high end collisions. has other products from Mayhem tires as well like Rampage series, fierce series, arsenal series, beast series, combat series etc. Each product is of different style and looks. As a trusted partner of Mayhem tires, can give you manufacturer warranty on genuine Mayhem tire products.