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Old Man Emu Products

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FUNCTIONALITY, RELIABILITY and SAFETY. A Lot has changed since Tony Brown founded ARB in the late 1970’s, but this core philosophy has never wavered. ARB is Australia's number 1 manufacturer and distributor of off-road accessories. They spend numerous hours and dollars heavily investing in research, development and state of the art manufacturing facilities to ensure that anything leaving their warehouses are of the utmost quality. Their 60 plus design and production engineers are regarded highly as the most experienced 4x4 vehicle specialist team in the world.


Old man EMU, an ARB sub-brand, builds suspension components adept for the harshest environments. Their signature black and yellow look is not just a pretty product for your 4x4 but is engineered to compensate for whatever your vehicle needs. At we want your vehicle to perform at optimum capability. You are welcome to choose from our line of ARB products that includes everything from truck bed accessories and jeep bumpers to camping gears and equipment.


Unless it’s durable, reliable and stylish, nothing leaves the ARB warehouses. However, manufacturing these products for superior performance is where ARB blows their competition out of the water. As mentioned before, ARB has a highly skilled and motivated workforce at their production facilities but combined with their level of automation, it enables them to produce some of the finest 4x4 accessories in the global market.


Over the years the company has also recognized the need to branch out and work with competitors to bring the customer everything they need and by doing so Canadians are able to get their hands on any ARB product faster than ever before.