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Owen’s product is a dominant name in the automotive aftermarket. Since the invention of the Classic fifth wheel hitch in 1965 and the Owens fifth wheel recreational trailer, the business has continued its upward trajectory and provides all Canadians with an extensive line of products that keeps up with our lifestyle.


The first aluminum running board, which allowed the fifth wheel customer the ability and convenience to unlock the fifth wheel hitch located in the truck bed, was designed by Owens in 1977. Then in 1989, the company decided they wanted to head in a new direction, dedicating the core of their business to automotive accessories. Owens sold the fifth wheel hitch and a few years later, their entire trailer manufacturing plant that started the new chapter for their business.


In 2007, Owen Products was sold to Gary Kirtley, II, who changed the company's internal systems. Not only is the company strong and profitable, it has continued to be family owned and operated. Their extensive product line includes:

  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum tool boxes,
  • Aluminum running boards
  • Dog boxes
  • Garage
  • Trailer accessories
  • Custom made products

At, although we offer the best prices and value for your money, we never sacrifice the quality and integrity of any product. We believe Owens products are the most reliable on the market, that is why we carry them in our online catalog. Every product is heavy-duty, convenient, and easy to use. From exterior equipment, a href=""/side-step-bars-c-38.aspx"" alt=""side-step-bars canada"">side step bars and mounting brackets to jeep hood scoops, jeep door components and LED lights and light bars, whatever you are looking for, we endure exhaustive research and analysis to ensure the products on your doorstep are of supreme standard.