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Spyder Auto Products

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Spyder Auto Lights For A Snag Free Drive

Safe driving requires a good set of head and tail lights. Even though there are plenty of automotive light manufacturers out there, Spyder stands out for its consistent high quality. Spyder manufactures the finest projection headlights for aftermarket or direct replacement. Spyder Projection headlights have gained popularity in the last decade owing to the following reasons:

  1. MINIMUM LIGHT DISPERSAL: Projection headlamps give out a focused light beam instead of a scattered one. That's because of the elliptical reflectors present in projection headlights that reflect light rays into a focused beam. The result is a light beam that's much more focused and gives you a better approximation of what lies ahead as compared to regular headlights.

  2. STYLISH LOOKS: Projection lights are not only better performing but also add to the stylish looks of your car. As compared to stock lights, projection lights look exceptionally good mounted on the front end of the car.

  3. FLEXIBLE LIGHT SETTINGS: Stock parabolic lights having a fixed lens aren't versatile. In case of projection lights, you can change the lens position to compensate for height changes and depending upon where you want the beam to fall.

Partsengine, a name that's synonymous with high-quality automotive components, has included two most popular Spyder products in its catalogue:

Spyder Headlights Sets Let nothing surprise you on your way back home. This OEM approved and ISO certified pair of headlamps is designed to improve long-range visibility. It's ideal for stock lights direct replacement.

Spyder Taillight Sets Specially designed LED tail lights are easy to install. Being vehicle specific, it gives you a custom option to notch up your stock tail lights. These are long-lasting owing to the use of high-quality durable material.

Spyder Headlight and Taillight set comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Partsengine extends the same to buyers at the time of purchase along with free shipping across Canada. Pay us a visit to upgrade the lighting system of your car.