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SuperSprings Products

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SuperSprings builds its foundation on their simple but effective product line encompassing supersprings, sumosprings and supercoils. Founded in 1996, this company has been recognized for its innovative thinking and holds multiple patents that allows them to be the leading manufacturer in the industry. With exceptional performance, durability and reliability in mind, Supersprings has designed and developed their suspension components using high quality steel and top grade hardware.


Supersprings are designed for vehicles with rear leaf springs are self adjusting stabilizing systems that provide extra load support and reduce body roll. The stabilizer is constructed using SAE5160H high grade, shot peened steel which helps alleviate the stress of the springs while extending the product's lifetime. It is easily installed using customized tools.


Sumosprings improve driver control and comfort in their vehicle by stabilizing sway. The product is maintenance free and supports multiple font and rear applications. It is available in multiple heights, densities and diameters and has an increased load carrying capacity.


Supercoils act as heavy duty coil spring replacements that succeed the overworked and sagging original components. All three products are considered as helper springs that feature a unique design and patented roller which sets them apart from all other products in the market.

  • SuperSprings SumoSprings Air Suspension Springs
  • SuperSprings SuperCoils Coil Springs
  • SuperSprings Coil SumoSprings Suspension Spring Helpers
  • SuperSprings Spring Helpers

At you are welcome to browse through our Superspring collection. From suspension systems to steering dampers and stabilizers we want to provide all Canadians with every part and accessory needed for their vehicles to perform at maximum capacity.