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Timbren Products

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Why should you upgrade your stock suspension with TimbrenAir Suspension System?

Cars with good suspension system ensure a comfortable and safe drive. But when it comes to stock suspensions, you might be expecting more than what it's capable of. On road challenges are far worse than what stock suspensions are made for. There's weight addition to truck in the form of cargo, traffic jams, rough terrains, and so on. A stock suspension is not adequate to direct road force in the proper way. This calls for an upgrade with air suspension systems.

What is an air suspension system?

Air suspensions go beyond your typical coil springs, which are replaced by air springs to allow better adaptability and versatility. Air Springs are tough rubber/plastic bags which are inflated to a certain pressure and height. They not only mimic coil springs in function but also pick up from where coil springs left. With an on board air compressor, sensors, and electronic controls, you can exercise a dynamic control over your car’s suspension.

Benefits of air suspension system

  1. ? Better shock absorption due to lack of transmitting medium.

  2. ? Maintains wheel oscillation in a better way.

  3. ? Air suspension systems allow for instant tuning as compared to metal suspension systems.

  4. ? Have a wide range of load capabilities.

  5. ? Versatile and adapt better to tough road conditions.

  6. ? Even out a heavy load.

  7. ? Provide a wider range of ground clearance as compared to metal suspension and lift systems.

Timbren air suspension systems

Timbren is a renowned North American manufacturer of heavy duty air suspension systems. Parts Engine is the authorized Timbren dealer, offering the following products at best price with manufacturer's warranty:

Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops

Active Off-Road Bumpstops are ideal for off road travel. They have a progressive spring rate that allows them to absorb shock resulting from when they bottom out. Special features include:

  1. ? Maximizes axle travel.

  2. ? Easy installation.

  3. ? Laser cut steel brackets painted with a durable long lasting powder coat finish.

  4. ? Bumpstops are made of highly durable natural rubber.

  5. ? Enhanced ground clearance for optimal off road performance.

Parts Engine is the leading Timbren dealer in Canada, offering lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in the state.