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Touren wheels are under The Wheel Group (TWG), which was established in 1969. TWG’s headquarter is in Los Angeles, California, they supply wheels to many countries like Canada, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. They believe that only quality products will satisfy their customers, so their Research & Development team never stop to deliver the latest and most innovative design wheels. Touren Wheels are race-inspired, available in a variety of finishes, designs, and sizes. Touren wheels are known for their one-piece cast alloy aluminum cast wheels. They come in a wide range of sizes, available from 15’ to 24’. They are also very lightweight, stylish and affordable. Touren wheels offer a great range of different style wheels to meet your needs. Touren wheels basically have everything you are looking for. You will be amazed by how many finishes they offer.

Touren wheels put their wheels into 3 categories: Flowform, Cast and Infinity. Their flow form wheels use an innovative flow form process, gives you supreme performance in all driving condition. If you are feeling fancy, take a look at TF03, 8 spokes with matte bronze finish really give your car a supreme look. Their cast line is subtle yet graceful. If you are looking for a clean 5 spokes wheel, take a look at their TR72, comes with various finishes like gloss black with machined face. Their infinity line is comprised of clean, and engaging design, using ultra-high quality alloys. Take a look at the TR60 full matte black if you are looking for something elegant.

Touren wheels are created using advanced low-pressure cast method, which makes them ultra-lightweight. If you are looking to upgrade your wheels to give your car that supreme performance, start shopping on for your set of Touren Wheels! Touren wheels come in the largest range of finishes: matte black, black with a machined face black, gloss black, silver, gloss silver, brushed silver, hyper silver, graphite, matte bronze, matte gunmetal, gunmetal. They also fit many popular cars. carries the ultra lightweight wheels from Touren Wheels. Offers Free shipping anywhere in Canada, all products sold comes with 365 days return and lowest price guarantee.