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Tuff Country is a reliable brand of gas shock absorbers. The Tuff Country’s product line is a clear example of fine craftsmanship and durability. The high-grade shock absorbers constructed by the Tuff Country bears a promise of high value and adept performance.

How do gas shock absorbers work?

The basic principle that works in the case of gas shock absorbers is presence of nitrogen gas field over the fuel chamber, it prohibits the composition of foam during the process. Which is generally formed when the air gets mixed into the oil. The formation of bubbles and foam is a major cause of degraded shock absorber performance.

Benefits of gas shock absorbers:

  1. Reduced Vibration: The effect of friction caused between the tyres and the roads is strongly absorbed by the robust gas shock absorbers. The reduced sense of vibration determines the efficiency of a gas shock absorber.
  2. Controlled Motion: The gas shock absorber tends to provide a controlled movement effect with a regulated suspension and grip of the vehicle over the roads.
  3. Fade: The shocks absorbers tend to lose the damping capabilities in the heat up process which is concluded as fading. The Gas-charged shock absorber makes sure that it regulates the damping performance.
  4. Aeration: The gas prevents the foam building which in turn results in a faster rebound function.
  5. Sharp cuts: In the event of cutting the steep turns on roads, there is tendency of the vehicle to thwart towards the other direction. Here is when the gas shockers steps in to allow a smooth turning process.

Special features of Tuff Country’s gas absorbers:

  1. Polyurethane brushing: Polyurethane polish is known for its diverse range of properties to survive under the toughest of conditions. The fine finishing of polyurethane polishing on gas shock absorbers extends its long-lasting nature
  2. Twin- tube construction:

Popular Products:

The two variants of gas shock absorbers differ in its applications. The nitrogen gas shocker absorber is meant for full-size applications whereas the cellular gas shock absorbers are apt for mini jeeps and SUV’s

  1. Tuff Country EZ-Size SX8000 Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers
  2. Tuff Country EZ-Size SX6000 Cellular Gas Shock Absorbers is an authorized dealer of these exclusive brand accessories where it aspires to place the timely orders to your pinned location. It further advances the facility of easy return policy, within 365 days of your purchase and free shipping in Canada