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Undercover Products

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Undercover - the prowess you need with truck covers

Undercover needs no introduction when it comes to the quality brand of tonneau cover for your truck. Finding a perfect bed cover for your truck is no more a tricky task when Undercover offers a premium quality product in the range of tonneau covers.

The selected accessory is meant to cover the backspace of your carrier to provide a shield against the external factors like heat, rain, dust etc. A meticulous construct is being done addressing the common concerns like leaky, noisy and struck base by the Undercover to provide you with the hassle-free experience.

Special features of Undercover Tonneau Cover:

  1. Security: A premium tonneau bedcover for your truck carries the entire responsibility to protect your luggage and personal stuff. The robust material is leak free with a proper seal to cover your belongings and offer a long-lasting encounter. The hidden space under the tonneau cover offers a safe and manageable custody for your goods and belongings.
  2. Mileage: A tonneau cover provides the extra mileage as it reduces the air drag and increases the carrier mileage based on the aerodynamics.
  3. Extra Space: The extended tonneau cover provides the extra space for your baggage. Apart from acting as a cover it too becomes an additional slab for you to keep the stuff in an organized manner.
  4. Furnished Look: The tonneau cover enhances the look of your truck. The style factor is taken care of along with the security concern. A customized and neat outlook is an added advantage of the Undercover tonneau covers.
  5. Multi-usage Accessory: The tonneau covers are equipped with the customized rack facility or other arrangements to accommodate the carriage of items like ladders, cycle, bikes etc. The Undercover ridgelander is an additional feature that increases the versatility of your truck cover to outperform the utility tasks.

Types of Tonneau Covers:

Hard Tri-fold and Tilt up tonneau covers are the popular categories of the tonneau covers offered by the Undercover. The installation of a particular type is strictly dependent upon its purpose. The type of items that need to be transported is an important determinant of selecting a tonneau cover for your carrier.

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