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Comparison between Asanti Aluminum rimmed wheels and Stainless Steel rimmed wheels

Wheels hold aesthetic importance regarding the overall look of your vehicle. But it’s not just about looks. What they’re made of says a lot about their future performance. Whether they’ll be durable, versatile, cost-effective, etc. depends on the material they’re manufactured from. Asanti, the renowned manufacturers of high-grade alloy wheels, create wheels with aluminum lip and stainless steel lip. Buyers may get confused as to which is the right choice for their car, as both alloys have different properties.

On comparison, there are a lot of factors to consider which we shall discuss here.

Cost Effectiveness

Both aluminum rim and stainless steel rim fall almost in the same price bracket. Wheels with aluminum casing are priced higher than stainless steel. However, the difference is not that great to discourage one from buying in the first place.


Aluminum alloy is lightweight as compared to stainless steel and therefore save on fuel expenditure by reducing the drag. Stainless steel being heavier increases drag dampens acceleration and lowers the car’s center of gravity. Due to all this, the car seems heavier to drive. Also, heavier wheels perform poorly in snow as they exert more pressure on tires which further increases drag.

Heat Distribution

Heat distribution of aluminum alloys is better than stainless steel. The friction produced while braking heats up stainless steel much faster than aluminum alloy. It reduces braking efficiency over time. On the other hand, even heat distribution of aluminum alloys leads to efficient braking.


Stainless steel is stronger than aluminum alloy wheels. Aluminum alloy wheels are made from aluminum and nickel. Both metals have to be mixed in a certain proportion to achieve the desired strength. Even a minor error in proportion can make aluminum alloys brittle and susceptible to breakage. Therefore, it’s recommended that you buy high-quality alloy wheels from an authorized dealer.


When it comes to looks, aluminum alloys score big time. There’s a wide range of aluminum alloy wheel designs, engineered to improve overall vehicular look and performance. The choice is fairly limited when it comes to stainless steel wheels. Moreover, few manufacturers create wheels out of both aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

Repair Convenience

Stainless steel rims when bent is easy to repair as compared to aluminum alloy. When impacted, stainless steel rims are easier to put back in shape. Repairing aluminum alloy wheels is tough but not impossible.

As we can see, there are pros and cons on both sides. Therefore, the decision to buy aluminum-alloy wheels or stainless steel ones rests on personal choice. To buy genuine Asanti alloy wheels, visit Parts Engine, the authorized dealer of automotive products. Apart from high-quality products, avail free shipping anywhere in Canada with Parts Engine.