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  • Vehicle Specific
  • Universal Fit

Shop AVS In Channel vent visor and Hood Deflectors In Canada

Window Visors

Sun glare from rear cab windows can cause a lot of discomforts while driving. It becomes hard to take a nap or relax with all that harsh sunlight. What can be the possible ways to eliminate this problem? Many truck owners install window length foldable curtains to curtail sun rays and winds. It solves the problem of heat buildup, sun glare, and wind disturbance with open cab window to some extent. However, it poses a bigger problem of a blocked rear vision which is an important factor while driving.

The best solution to this problem lies in choosing from a variety of Window Visors by AVS.

Features of AVS Window Visors:

  1. Durable acrylic body.
  2. Easy installation with 3M automotive adhesive taping.
  3. Can be used along with cargo lights.
  4. Custom colors to match your vehicle with durable finish.
  5. Limited lifetime warranty.

Benefits of AVS Sunflector Cab Rear Visors over conventional methods of sun blocking:

  1. Uncompromised rear end vision.
  2. Reduced heat build up.
  3. Reduced wind disturbance
  4. Reduced sun glare.

To get best results, install AVS window visors along with cab rear visor for complete protection from sun glare and heat buildup inside the cabin area. To purchase high quality AVS products, visit Parts Engine, the authorized dealer of authentic automotive products. Parts Engine offers lowest prices and free shipping at your doorstep anywhere in Canada.

Bug Deflectors

Bug Deflector is an acrylic strip that's installed on the front section of hood. The material and design varies as per the manufacturer. It is used to prevent excessive bugs striking on the windshield for improved visibility.

The Key benefits of Bug Deflectors include

  1. Bug Deflectors are designed to redirect the flow of incoming air over and above the roof resulting in improved aerodynamics.
  2. It creates enough upstream air to prevent bugs from splattering across your windshield.
  3. Not just windshield but it also protects your car hood from debris and resulting scratches and minor dents..
  4. It improves vision and keeps your mind off the bug problem as you drive. .
  5. It's cost effective and easy to install.

Parts Engine is one platform that houses quality interior, exterior, and performance enhancing automotive products. Parts Engine offers lowest prices and free shipping on all AVS products anywhere in Canada.


Spoilers are widely employed in high speed racing. In a sport where car weight determines podium finish, spoilers can provide that little extra to make the difference. Broadly speaking, spoilers perform the following functions apart from enhancing a car's aesthetic appeal.

  1. Improved Fuel Efficiency
  2. Prevents lifting of rear-end
  3. Better acceleration
  4. Increased visibility of car

Even though spoilers are usually installed on the rear end, front end spoilers are not uncommon either. For best results, choose from a wide range of spoilers by AVS at Parts Engine with lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada.